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So she wants a new bike....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mactype, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Currently looking around for a new bike for my partner. When we got together a few years ago, we decided we'd buy a bike each. My preference was a 848. I've quickly paid that off and really love the stupid thing, so she's now on the hunt for her own bike.

    She's ridden bikes forever but hasn't owned a bike for the last 10 or so years, her last bike was a GPZ900 (she had 2 in a row and loved them) first husband had a GSX1000 which they did heaps of touring on and also liked that. Had a bad experience with a Cagiva early on and thats sort of put her off anything not Japanese a bit.

    Would like something midrange I suppose but after a quick round of the bike shops on the weekend we've come up with nothing. Only bike she liked the look of was a Busa, and thats a bit big both in size and stature.

    So, I'm at a loss on what to suggest we look at now... she has a preference for Kawasaki and Suzuki. Looked at a new Z800 which I thought would pull at her heartstrings but didn't (doesn't like the transformer looks or the way the tank felt when you sat on the thing) . After the Busa quip I thought that a VFR800 might suit with its cleaner lines but no, a sit said that it wasn't any good either.

    Asked if we go and test ride a few bikes in the next week or two, what would she test ride. Answer, "I don't know, everything is just so angular in looks nowadays.... Luckily my quip about maybe your living a bit in the past and this is how new bikes look went past the posts ok. Why on earth I say this stuff, I have no idea.

    Cash wise we're open so most options but looking around at near new and new I reckon $10-15k range is ok. This morning suggested that theres a few Monster 1100S that appear to be good buying second hand but she's unsure of riding something that big.

    I'm thinking that maybe we go out and blag a few test rides on a variety of bike types and models and try and hone in from there. Any thoughts from the collective?
  2. Ninja 650 or Ninja 1000?
  3. Cruiser, tourer, sport, super sport, nekkid?
  4. naked, sport, maybe supersport but needs to test ride.
  5. IMHO, I'd be taking her to a Trumpy dealer and test riding both a Daytona standard or a Street Triple R.
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  6. Get her to test ride EVERYTHING she can and then buy the one she likes the most.
  7. ducati monster 696
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  8. buy a older bike? if it's what she likes so be it let her get a older one

    I personally favour the carby + older styling of the old bikes and would sooner buy a 20 year old bike than a brand new one any day - regardless of my financial situation.
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  9. Given her last bike was a GPZ900, I think she'd find a 696 Monster a little underwhelming.
  10. Agree that we need to throw her on a few different bikes even if she screams she hates the colour.

    I've since called into a few dealers, whats interesting is that the Ducati dealer is more than happy for her to come in on a Saturday and try numerous bikes. Whereas the Kawasaki/Suzuki dealership doesn't appear to have demos of everything (suppose they have more models) so we might have to hunt down dealers with respective stock to ride.
  11. Thats an interesting take, hence my Monster 1100 suggestion. Going to be an interesting chat after a few test rides.
  12. The 1100 would be a better option. But, you're on the right track, test ride different bikes and let her get what she wants.

    I wish my own wife and followed that advice. She wrote off her M750 Dec '11. She was looking for a replacement and we found an '02 SV650s that was at a price we couldn't resist. The only other bike she'd ridden in 6 months was my Bandit. I wish she had ridden other bikes and/or taken this one for a longer ride because, while she loves the bike, it turns out it's the wrong one because the handle bars are to low and it causes a lot of pain in her right thumb (injured in the crash).
  13. MTT Y2K

    Get her that.