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So sell me your Sports Tourer.....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Well not literally (but you never know...), just tell what you like and don't like about it.

    I've ridden the following;

    1 - VFR800 08 - very good bike. Don't know how crazy the VTEC would be in normal riding, as it was maximum 80kmh roads on test ride (although did go slightly over a few times :wink: ) I loved the surge of the VTEC, but am guessing something to get used in and out of corners :?

    2 - VTR Firestorm - enjoyed the V-twin. Very predictable ride, although am hearing about poor range and economy (not vital) - so what the best range someone's got riding at say 120kmh

    3 - Ducati ST2 - whilst a higher price - lom km used for just about new most others. The Duc's or another ST be my favourite at the moment. Bars felt good, cruised on 120kmh with open visor and very clean air (I hate buffeting). Am aware of higher maintenace costs. 4 Valve engine $1,000 major and $600 minor (although every 10,000kms - compared to 6,000 for the Japs - no issue doing my own oil every 5K)

    Sort of had my BMW fix (since writing off my airhead), and rode a R1200R and the vibes were quit annoying, and not a fan of telelever front end

    And not into the big Honda ST or FJR's as pillion only very occasionally.

    So what else....Sprint? Yet to ride one

    Budget in the low teens with hard luggage and aftermarket pipes

    Look forward to comments

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers Alex
  2. Ride mine . :wink:
    Its got a great touring set up ,hard cases pipes bigger screen ,althought most are very happey with the screen.

    Fully set it up to tour will cost under $12,000 rideaway with pipes and hard cases.
    Services are $250 at 6000km,..major at 24,000km is a whoooppping $350. :LOL:

    A few reviews said its better then the Vtec and the ST and the latest coment from rider magazine .....if it wasn't for the kawasaki concours 1400 ,the GSX650F would be sports tourer of the year. :wink:

    Having said that ,ride a bandit 1250 ,you'll probablt want more power :LOL:
    But it does 220kph ,how fast do you want to get to the ralley :LOL:
    And will do 300+++ km on a tank.
  3. Thanks Sled - all good info. So you happy with the wind protection?

    May look at a test ride on one. But if aiming for a 650, be hard for me to go past a Strom :?

    Be nice to just jump on, and ride to say Phillip Island in a day - did similar kms in a day on my Townsville trip, but the body cops a hiding on the naked bike

    And prices on the Honda's new - VFR $15K and VTR $12,500 - both ride away - but standard.
  4. I think calling a Firestorm a sports tourer is a bit of a stretch. Nothing with a sub 200km range is a tourer of any sort.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Wind protection is great for me ,your taller so might need a biger screen ,there is a few aftermarket ones around all ready.

    I can sit on a 120 with the visor up and no glasses on .

    Agree with Andrew ,the VTR likes to drink and your forever stoping to fill them up .
    Been on a few day rides with a VTR and hes always calculating where the next servo is, not so much fun when touring and you want to take a road of to the side just to see whats down there ,then wondering if you'll make it back to the main road.
    Just a thought.
  6. Sub 200kms from 19 litres :shock: The earlier models had a smaller tank so maybe :?
  7. Blackbird, surely
  8. Thanks - something else to look at :cool:

    EDIT - BIG bikes, 223kgs, but at least big cc (for an inline 4), has good torque figures and injected
  9. Well you've already looked at the Ducati Multistrada, and you know it is the best. :grin:

    Mine is the 1000cc, but I have ridden a Hypermotard with the 1100cc and wet clutch, and I must say that the engine is smoother and very responsive. I like my rattly clutch, but the wet clutch allows you to hear the engine response better.

    There probably are second hand Multistradas in Australia now, so you may find one at a more reasonable price. :grin:

    See my garage for the full touring kit.
  10. Yes did enjoy a ride on a Multistrada (had an after market screen so no buffeting :wink: ) Great basic engine - two valves and air cooled (with oil cooler) so less servicing costs and also a fan of the rattly clutch :cool:

    And whilst the looks are taking some getting used to, another concern is selling it again. I am getting called up to "make an offer" on two bikes that have been for sale for several months and both at reasonable prices (one has pipes one has luggage....) I guess the economy is part of the problem - but trying for three months to sell a bike can't be much fun :cry:
  11. Well yes, their looks are an acquired taste, and that combined with a fairly narrow target market, and the fact that NFI over purchased the 2004 and 2005 models, resale could be a problem. But with patience I think they would sell at a good price. It's good for you if a couple of sellers are getting impatient.

    If you can't take the risk, the VFR800 is a very good bike, with a nice motor, and can be ridden fast. Not quite as light footed as a Ducati, but not bad. (No more reliable than a Multisrada though.)
  12. I bought a BMW F800ST for these reasons.
    1. I needed a mid size bike for daily commute in all weathers as I'm no longer allowed car parking at work.
    2. Occasional touring capability required.
    3. I wanted a bike with shaft or belt drive - I've had enough of messy chains.
    4. Anti-lock brakes a big plus (see all weather commute).
    5. Very flat torque curve is easy to ride.
    6. Lots of useful factory options and accessories.
    7. Is comfortable and has a centrestand and heated handgrips as standard.
    8. Very reasonable service costs.
    9. My local dealer seems very professional.
  13. I rode to Sydney on the Hume Hwy on my old VTR1000F (Firestorm) that had the older 15L tank. Sitting on ~115kph peak range was around 240kms to a dry tank. I went looking for a servo as soon as 200kms showed up, and calculated that 240kms to dry was its limit.

    With the 18L tanked models (2001 onwards I think) you're looking at around 280kms to dry if highway cruising, and around 210kms to dry if having fun.
  14. VFR800Fi - can't go wrong (but then again, I've owned 2 of them ;) )
    BMW F800ST
    Suz Bandit 1200 (probably the best value for money in this list)
    Yam FZ6 - not sure on tank range however
  15. Couple of questions - range, servicing costs and from memory you put pipes on? How much $$'s
  16. Another contender :cool:

    Am also a fan of belt drive.

    So how's the range, servicing costs and what are the intervals?
  17. Thanks Flux, yeah 19 litres for the later models.

    Seem to never get good economy on bikes, so low 200's doesn't leave much spare :?
  18. a couple of others to consider..

    Suzuki DL1000
    Honda CBF1000
  19. 300km per tank minimum. Usually when I fill at 300k's there's about 2-3 litres left in there. You're looking at about 330-350k's for the full tank. I do find (for a reason I don't understand) that in commute mode I get decidedly less k's out of a tank when compared to giving it the berries on a spirited weekend ride.

    6,000k Minor Service and Tune = $211.90 (Labour component $115.50)
    12,000k Major Service = $350.70 (Labour component $231.00)

    The Madaz Slip ons I got were through a guy I found on the OzVFR Forums and I got them for $400. They sound VERY Horny. I think they go at retail cost for something like $900 or so.
  20. Sprint ST. :-k You always see them in tourer comparos.

    Don't knock the ZX9R either. It was a road focused sports bike... tours very readily with grunt aplenty. Feels large and stable. 14ltr main, 4 ltr reserve. Can get 280km on main... sometimes better, often less.