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So, riding is fun!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typhoon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I seem to be over the whole nervous thing now, and can deifinitely see the attraction of bike riding! Was starting to worry that maybe it wasn't for me, but after a bit of seat time, the nerves went away, and the confidence in what the bike can do is coming along. I can actually enjoy the scenery a bit now, not fixated on teh road in front of me.
    Oh yeah, corners seem to be a lot of fun too!

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. the first time i road a bike was in the rain. it really put a damper on things. but after a few good runs in some great weather the confidence built up and i can't believe how much i enjoy it now. better then i had imagined.
    the practice has made such a difference...love it

  3. same position as me, i was so scared riding the bike home from the dealer feeling a lot better now.
    i see your from lake macquarie my family has a house up there real nice place very peaceful id love to ride around up there
  4. i shat myself first time out too.. absolutly paranoid.. sonce them ive done a run to geelong and a fair amount of local running around and i love it.. i would love to get out more on it, but its not a good time of year to have a 0.00 BAC limit.. so im using the cage a bit... but im taking the bike to tassie and cant wait
  5. Good to see your enjoying it typhoon :D :D it only gets better and better from here on .
  6. i just finished a short run from belmont to long-jetty to visit my friend.......i'm with you typhoon its starting to get quite fun, less nervy, but i'm still noob in skill

    night riding is quite fun though i take it easy because of poor street/non-street lighting, and the occasional cage coming the other way with the highbeams on!! :(

    look out for me on my cb250 matee and if you wanna meet up for a ride i'm available mon-wed, cheers! :)
  7. I have a clear recollection the 2nd time I ran with the bulls so to speak on the freeway. (The first time there wasn't enough brain left over to notice what was going on!)

    I felt so exposed - I thought I was going to fall off any second. I had visions of road rash and mad car drivers trying to kill me and a huge sense of being right in the atmosphere without protective metal and seat belts... after about 15 minutes though, I was gone gone gone, hook line and sinker. :D :LOL: 8)
  8. My first ride was riding my new bike home from the dealer, 300kms away !!!!
    A lot of head wind and some cross winds. The first truck that past me almost blew me away. The more you do it the easier it becomes andf the more fun you have. This was 6 weeks ago. I have now riden over 2200km and passed my level 2 test on Sunday. YAY!!! No more crappy highway slowness. :D
  9. I guess I might be weird. Even the first the first time I rode a bike on the road, I LOVED it. And have since every time I ride :)

    If I'm weird for this, it's great to be weird! =D
  10. First time you do the Harbour Bridge on a windy day is a good one. First gust of wind takes you halfway across your lane before you realise what's going on, the rest of the bridge is concentrating on not getting blown into the harbour... But it's all fun & games.
  11. Not weird at all. First time I rode my bike I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for days. 5 months down the track and the smile is just as big after every ride (mind you I'm pushing the bike closer to its limits every time).
  12. the first time i was out on the road i absolutely loved it... but that was when i was about 12 years old on a CR80, we all did stupid things when young and given the oppurtunity... i guess now im a bit older and now about a lot more things to fear... but im getting there.
  13. We all go thru that stage.. Always keep an eye out for every veh
    out on the roads & be prepared for the unexpected from every one
    of em.

    Now the fun starts :wink:
  14. I'm riding to work and back every day I can at teh moment, Fennell Bay to Morisset, nice ride. Has about a half dozen traffic lights at each end, and nice twisties in between. Unfortunately some of it is 90 km/h, so the aggro cagers behind me have ti suck it up and wait. Actually, I usually sit just under 90 so as not to hold traffic up, but drop it back to 80 in the dual lane parts. I'd rather do that than make cagers angry and do stuid things!
    I'm out for a ride before the new year, no spare time, but I'll definitely catch up early in the new year with you. My uncle is in Belmont north, and i have been trying to visit him for a while, now I have a bike, I have an excuse for somewhere to ride!
    If you see a big bloke with a candy apple red helmet, blue/ black cordura on a noisy old metallic green and black bike, that's me! I never said I was fashionable.....
    I did a night ride last night, went to Kmart for an xmas pressie. I don't mind night riding, less cars and some nice person put a 90 watt bulb on my bike before I got it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. 100% the same for me ,im glad im not the only one :)

    The only bit that worrys me is the wind ,i rode across the anzac bridge nealy got blown over ,so i tucked up like Rossi ,{ :wink: looking like a try hard with my L plate on and doing 60kph. :LOL: .But it helped.
    I got a GS500F and i don't think suzukI spent money on areo dynamics, for this bike.