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So proud of myself!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chani, May 1, 2007.

  1. I've been complaining since I got my Ls in September, that I don't want to ride in the wet because I'm a scardey cat.

    I did it!!!!

    My brother has my car to apply for jobs & almost got arrested this morning (story for another day) so couldn't get my car back to me for work this afternoon. He gave me half an hours notice, so I rode to work. I came out at eight to see wet everywhere. By ten the roads had dried up a bit & my bestfriend came & drove home with me :p

    But I did it... I rode in the wet. It wasn't raining, that'll be next weeks hurdle!

    I would have added to the rain thread, but I didn't ride in the rain...

  2. well done chani :applause:
  3. Awesome work chani, it's a bit daunting at first but like anything after a while
    you get used to it. Once your tyres are warm it's amazing how much grip you do have, just watch out for anything shiny.
  4. Thanks guys!!
  5. I've found the biggest thing is the buffer you give yourself for everything has to increase 3 fold. Remember that you can't see potholes when they're full of water! And if you're riding in the dark and it's raining it can sometimes be UBER difficult to see flooded patches of road! Imagine what it would be like to aquaplane while on two wheels!
  6. Riding tends to take on a heightened level of awareness (well, by the rider anyway :) ) when it is wet/raining - well done!
  7. Good on you for lasting that long. I got my bike last monday, and it rained here on and off for four days straight. Didn't stop me though, been putting around everywhere soaked and loving it.
  8. Oh, my bike was off the road for almost three months!


    Plus, I can't see properly when it rains at night, even with my glasses on... So it's better that I try not to!
  9. Well done, Chani :cool:

    There'll be no stopping you now :biker:
  10. Go for gold matey. I still shit myself in the rain but it's a good challenge. Have you got good wet weather gear?
  11. [​IMG]

    Your story made me laugh, but arrh.. yeh well done brave one. :LOL:

  12. Well done Chani :dance:

    Keep practicing :grin:
  13. congrats.. nothing to be scared of just slow down and use more back brake... it's melb i'm sure you'll get plenty of chances to ride in the rain :)
  14. Ahhh, at least I achieved half of what I set out to do MG, I made someone laugh!! & it was at my own expence, even better!!! :LOL:

    Blodders, it doesn't rain down here!! I haven't seen rain like that in almost a year!!!

    & no wet weather gear... I just got a car park at work for the cold & windy months, I'm a loser really. Ha...