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so proud of my self

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fubarcbr, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. ok i will quickly post this up before i start work.

    about 5 mins ago going through the valley i start to filter at about 20k's and slowing down and as i get near this **** head in this little green rice box he decides he is going to open his door on me.

    AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHH, i will try to refrain from using naughty words as this is a pg13 forum.

    got to be quick boss is on my back..

    so i got off and had a few choice words to him and i am soo proud that i didn't rip the little .... out of his car and kick the living shit out of him. gggrrrr

    sooooo ssooo angry right now.

    ok well back to work :(

  2. Any idea whether he opened the door specifically to get you or just to do something? No excuse, I'm just interested in the circumstances.
  3. If you werent filtering you wouldnt have had come across that situation.

  4. Great. :mad: I'm about to enter the world of riding in peak hr city traffic 5 days a wk and so far tonight I've read about a cop blitz and d***heads who open their doors at the most 'inconvenient' of times.

    Not sure if I should keep reading or switch the comp off. ;)

    Also not sure if I would've got off the bike to have a go at him - have a mental pic of you both surrounded by traffic that may move at any time. :? ??
  5. *&%# off as if u dont filter. :? :p
  6. Did the guy do it deliberately? What a dickhead..

    Glad you're ok, shame you didn't kill him though.
  7. Could have reported him. :LOL:
  8. yeah the twat did it on purpose. he saw me and i saw him give me a little smirk and then i saw the door get openned and i knew what he was up to.

    what on earth makes these tools think that it would be a good idea to do that type of shit ffs. i should have just smashed his window and stolen his keys and left him in peak hour traffic.

    ahh hind sight is great isn't it
  9. Hammer3.

    Bit hard too when ya not licensed! icon_e_biggrin.

    Did he open up only enough to scare you? or he fully opened knowing you
    would/could stop in time?

    Its better to just take the keys & throw them as far as possible instead
    of smashing his windows.
    Understand ya anger tho. That'd get anyones blood to boiling point. cursin.

    He was a 1censored. idiot.
  10. yeah its happen to me as well once....but i stopped in time as well...
    days like these u wish u had some capsicum spray...

    does anyone know where i can get a can :LOL: :LOL:
  11. chain lube, WD40 RP7 would do similer to some ones eyes...

    or those 'mini' cans from servos of hair spray and deoderant...

    good work mate. u did well to notice it to start with and then react in a non violent but vocal way...

    nest time... kevlar knuckles... ;)
  12. I really like the 'grab the keys and piff them' idea. Don't even say anything, just jump off, walk over, do the keys then walk back and ride off. No assault, no criminal damage, no road rage... just the twat sitting in the middle of the traffic, then having to search for his keys in the bush. Bonus points for creeks, and double gold for a cesspool or sewage treatment plant. ;)
  13. Lynx Deodorant works well, and it leaves you smelling so fresh and so clean...

    Hypothetically, if young Fubarcbr didn't stop in time, who would be footing the bill??
  14. you can get cap spray mailed to ya from WA , in a range of handy sizes at cheap rates, search google, you'll find it easy, not that i would endorse such a thing of course as its illegal in other states.
  15. Spraying someone with something IS ASSAULT. Is the momentary satisfaction worth a stay in jail?
  16. A very good reason to filter at 20kmh rather than 60kmh

    Rosie - just proceed at your own pace - keep your eyes open, and radar up.

    Been done for assault years ago - dont go there - it hangs around for a long time.