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So on Tuesday I bought a set of tyres online...

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Onyx, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. And I had them delivered from America in 3 DAYS. That's right, 3 days.

    I'm actually stunned at how quickly I received my goods.

    I bought Dunlop Sportmax Q2's from http://www.jakewilson.com/ (Which I'm sure plenty of you have had experience with) along with a front paddock stand. Add another $65 for shipping and it still only came to $371. Oh, AND they gave me a 10% discount voucher for my next purchase.

    It's a shame that we really get screwed on prices here in Australia. I'd love to support local business, but the extra expenses really do add up. I am also a big tightarse.

    Jake Wilson have netted themselves a customer that will definitely return and recommend them to others.
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  2. will you fit them yourself?
  3. Welcome to the club... it's a no brainer when you have to pay A$600+ for two fitted tyres when you can buy three unfitted "tires", the tools to fit them and balance them, and express freight halfway around the planet for around US$500.

    I don't blame the Aus retailers; it's the wholesalers that are reaping the margin... but that's only going to be temporary... it won't last... the market is speaking.

    Learn how to fit your own tyres; it pays extraordinarily well!

    PS... try Dyna Beads; I thoroughly recommend them as THE DIY balancing option for tubeless tyres.
  4. i love supporting jake wilson
  5. Yeah thats one of the marvels.
    I too bought a set of them a while back off jw, and 3 days and i had them, well off the regular express runs of aussie post.
    Bought a battery from melbourne and it took 6 business days when they posted same day express.
  6. Have used Jake Wilson myself. Can't see myself buying tyres locally in the future.
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  7. I was going to, but there's a guy on here that will do it for $15 a tyre for netrider members. I reckon I'll get him to show me how it's done and then do it all myself after that.
  8. Buying a machine or doing it the hard way ?
  9. All I can say is thank God for MMMTS. Bruce is a top guy who really went above and beyond the call of duty for me. After watching him take off the wheels and tyres for me, I really think it would've been foolish for me to try myself.

    I've never had a brand new set of tyres on a bike before and I can't believe how amazing they feel.

    Cheers, mate. Really appreciate the effort :)
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  10. Bought a set of tyres off them on Monday night, Thursday at 2:30 PM I get a knock on the door from DHL... DA FUQ? They're ALREADY here?

    This is the third set of overseas tyres that I've bought so far. Even taking into account shipping and fitting, you're still a good $150-200 ahead.

    Good luck to anyone selling tyres in Australia... you're going to need it.