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So now you can put your money where your mouths have been

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. This is excellent news. It won't matter who gets in now as long as the Greens have the balance of power, this legislation will not pass the senate.

  2. The more minor parties get into the senate the better placed they will be to block this stupid legislation.
  3. There was enough wriggle room in the statement that a filter has not been ruled out at some stage in the future.

    However, for the time being, I agree with DD and Smee.

    I'm in a safe Lib seat. My vote in the Reps makes zero difference to anything.
  4. Beware who your green votes go to though!

    But yep, coalition has one my vote with that one. Shame it has to be Abbot at the head of the party. Oh well!
  5. I'm in friggin Tony Abbott's electorate. Doesn't matter who I vote for, so once again I'm going to draw a little box, tick it and write Obama alongside it. He believes in Change, ya know?
  6. I live in the most (or second most) marginal seat in the country.

    We've now got candidates from Labour, Liberal, Liberal Democrats, Greens, Secular Party of Australia and Family First.

    Probably vote

    Green, Secular, LDP, Lab, Lib, FF.

    My senate vote will be similar but with Conroy last.
  7. Can't vote for a botherer... The deluded shouldn't be let in Parlement...
  8. Lucky sod DD. At least you get the SPA, the Dems and the Lib Dems as alternatives. We've got the Nats and an assortment of right wing kooks, which makes it rather painful to put the ALP and Libs below anyone else apart from the Greens.
  9. i just found out i'm not allowed to vote because they deleted me last year when they sent mail to me and it was returned back to them....
  10. Umm, Little Johnny Howard probably thought his seat was pretty safe too, look what happened to him in '07.
  11. Hockey said a lot of things in that interview
  12. Well LC the real reason you aren't allowed to vote is that you're a motorcycle riding hoon. And rightly so too.
  13. i'm SUCH a badarse hoon! i'm so glad people have finally noticed :D
  14. So does this mean if you vote for Libs and they will scrap the filter and broadband.
    At least they half make sense
  15. Well you can vote Labor and get the NBN and the Libs/Greens will block the filter legislation in the senate.
  16. I'm sure someone also said they'd kill the National Broadband improvements too.
    What good is p0rn surfing if its shit slow :-w

    Filter-shmilter, I'll just connect to an overseas proxy.
  17. It wont get up either way so the filter is a non issue.
  18. The fact that they tried it at all doesn't impact your vote?
  19. Its a consideration but theres a lot more to running the country than one issue. If its based on just one policy you can find something wrong with all of them. My choice will be based on who does the most good overall not on one thing.