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So now I've got my Ls...And confusion is setting in.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bilgola_boy, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Yes, after working a 70hr week, I managed to get someone to fill in for me, and now I have my Ls :grin: . I found the (theory) test a joke, but since I live in an undeclared area, I didn't have the chance to do rider training, which I am still very keen to do! I also had my first ride on a road bike (a 95 Kawasaki Balius 250) and I really enjoyed it. I had my heart set on an MC22 Babyblade, but now I figure I'll save a bit and buy some decent gear, as the bikes going in a year anyway.
    This is where it gets sticky - the Balius I rode today is for sale pirvately BUT a few things don't seem right, and I need opinions; and fast.
    Firstly: The bike is advertised as having done 48,000kms, but the odo reads 41something. Second, the owner claims it's only been dropped once on the right side, hence the stickytape repair to the front indicator, but the light surround is also damaged on the left, at a very weird angle. Claims it has a new rear tire, but I swear I saw a puncture repair plug in it when I took it for a test ride. The clutch cable was freyed to a point where maby 5 wires held it together, very dodgey [-X . There was possibly an oil leak. It does have a relitively new battery, and started first time from cold, and pulled well, but I'm not too sure on the brakes, partly as I've never ridden on the road before. All in all I was impressed though, and I'm thinking of offering him $3500, mechanical inspection pending (lowballing because it will need a major service and I will need riding gear).

    If anyone could add their thoughts, it would be greatly appreceated, as this is my first bike and I don't want to get f*#cked over. It is also the ONLY (I kid not) road bike I found within a 120km radius, so it's now or never for me....
    Cheers people, and give thanks, for you have all found a brother :biker: