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So now big brother comes to Aus

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. :roll: So much for people claiming that this shiite would never kick off here in Aus. Wrong people.

    Again the faux terror agenda is spreading at an alarming rate.
    Brings a new meaning to the term little Britain!


    NSW fights terror with CCTV database

  2. Do you mean "Big Brother" the tv show. I hope not, cos it's shite
  3. "Police are seeking access..."

    "will be asked to register them with police......"

    Nope, skies not falling down with this one either.

    Nuf said PP.
  4. We're only talking about a registrar of who has CCTV systems installed. This is surely a good thing, means they don't have to waste time door knocking on businesses to find out who has cameras which might have captured a crime or incident...

    They they've got to go through all the crap of retrieving the footage, and converting it into a format which is usable in court, which usually means tracking down the manufacturer of the cctv gear and getting one of their techs to do it, it's no easy task believe me. (I'm a CCTV specialist)

    We're not talking a central Police big brother system where they can call up any camera at any premises whenever they want. This would be technically impossible at the moment anyway.
  5. Jeez mrx, dont let the facts get in the way of a good story! :LOL:
  6. Definitely useful, disagree with the "terrorist" bs though.

    For instance, there was a stabbing on Friday, across from my work at the train station, about 12 youths stabbed one guy and kicked his girlfriend. It spilled over from the local pub, but aside from pub cctv and train station cctv, would be useful to know if any of the shops in the street had outward-facing cctv to help identify members of the gang unable to be id'ed by either cctv system. (police came about 3 minutes later, caught a couple of the little fcuks, though. Hope they "fell over" on their way into the lockup)
  7. Hey Are there a lot of roundabouts and speed humps between the train station and teh lockup? they would not be pleasent in the back of a divy van.
  8. this is only the beginning. There are historical reasons why the government and Police don't have instant access to our lives and it should remain that way. This is another step to having that barrier lifted.
  9. They already have access to CCTVs anyway, this is just a streamlining of the process cutting out all the bs (and expenses) along the way. It's not like they're installing cameras in our bedrooms.
  10. Ya sure?? :shock:

    I have seen some pretty cool analytics recently and they now allow the cameras to tell the difference between people, cars and bags. it wont be long before there will be legislation to force companies to install 'preventative" cameras, ie if someone loiters or a bag is left unattended. When they get facial analytics right [they are close] it wil be a concern IMO.

    The current guvment are not my concern as I don't think they will abuse it too much! but who knows what kind of legacy are leaving for our kids?
  11. Ah yes the recent analytics concepts are interesting, but don't work very well yet. Image quality and consistency are not there, and camera positioning has to be very specific. By no means impossible though.
  12. Yeah nothing a bit of money, processing power and an over ambitous politician can't solve!
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