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So not worth it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Heading home yesterday, as usual traffic outbound is busy and backed up at every set of lights and traffic heading into the city is virtually nonexistant. I see a rider using the oncoming traffic lane to reach the front of the pack.

    It's something I've never had the nerve to do and up till yesterday was incredibly envious.

    But this guy wasn't so fortunate yesterday, as he approached the lights they turned green and the car at the front went to turn right, directly into the path of the rider. They collided and the rider went down heavily and slid for another 6-7 meters or so.

    I parked and went over to assist, in the 30 or seconds it would have taken me to get there he managed to bum-shuffle his way out of the oncoming traffic and a crowd had moved in to divert the traffic and tend to him. Another rider and I helped to get the bike off the road. It was fantastic to see everyone (except people in their cars) make an effort to assist where they could.

    He initially seemed fairly OK considering although his right ankle was at right angles and pointing in. There was also a fairly sharp edge pushing against the bottom of his jeans that I can only imagine was his bone.

    Anysort of gore doesn't really effect me, but the deep groans of pain were something that really made my stomache churn.

    I don't mean to sound slack, I wish the guy all the best and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery, but I'm sure even he would agree that taking on the traffic in that way is just not worth it.
  2. Yeah they wouldn't have expected a vehicle coming the wrong way down the road.

    Did you see what type of boots he had? that part has me paranoid as hell... having fudged feet would suck badly.

    That's the type of splitting/filtering I would personally never do. Oncoming traffic would be enough to keep me away let alone people turning right.
  3. I hope the rider reassesses his risk assessment.

    I'm still in the early stages of riding and while I've been tempted to split, I have resisted. I'm not trusting enough of local drivers to filter either.

    I am happy to know that there are people like yourself that will stop and lend a hand.
  4. Hey Four40

    You weren't at the Calwell servo last night by any chance were you?

    Spotted another KLE 500 as I was leaving and thought you lived in/around the same area?


  5. It’s all about time and place.
    In this case Are you sure you will complete the move before the lights change? Are you sure no one will come around the corner at you?
    I have only one place that I pull that move, there is no right turn there and no oncoming traffic, the only thing that I have to watch out for is people coming around the corner, and that I can complete the move before the lights change or get into the line of traffic safely.
    Time and place. Pick em or it could hurt.
  6. I think that's pretty much the take-home message from this incident, yep.

    I think it's important to avoid being in places which any person could reasonably assume you wouldn't be - I don't think any competant driver or rider would check over their right shoulder before turning right at a signalled intersection. Would you? If you do, do you also check for falling aircraft every time you step out of a building, in case it crashlands on the footpath?
  7. Yep, that was me. Your bike looks so much cleaner though :)
  8. +1

    I don't have any problems with filtering or splitting (when done well), or 'creative' use of bus lanes, tiny gaps in traffic, etc.

    But an oncoming traffic lane? c'mon :roll:
  9. What? Doesn't everybody?
  10. I've got to say I didn't even notice if had boots or shoes all I really remember are the jeans and socks around the break at the ankle.
  11. Yeah, I got it serviced last week so I figured I better clean it.

    Sorry didn't stop and chat.

    Still happy with the KLE? I know I am.

    I'm just across the road (Theodore), so if you're interested in a ride on weekend (say Tidbinbilla/Cotter or farther afield) let me know.

  12. I'll bet PP does............ :grin:
  13. I dont split any more, the car drivers and idiots (media,police etc) have made such a noise about lane splitting saying its illegal, and that bikes are not allowed to do that, that most of the car drivers know and think to themselves , hay he's not pushing in front of me, and they dont make a safe environment for bikes, the cars and trucks too close gaps at lights, the cars take off at the lights as if they were at a grand prix and when they do catch up to us bikers they ride on our asses even if were over the posted limit wanting to rear end us.

    I think if they make a law against car drivers being charged as criminals for hitting into bikes, even if the bikes were lane splitting, they would be more curtious
  14. Sydney's major suburban thoroughfares aren't as wide as Melbourne's, so I'm not surprised that the rider developed a culture of splitting on the oncoming traffic side - and though he got away with it 999 times, the 1000th time was the charm.

    The risks are/were obvious.

    A displaced ankle and a separate compound fracture... ooowwwwccchhh!

    Filtering is less risky than splitting. But then stopping in peak hour traffic also has it's risks (ask Seany)... call it the way you see it.
  15. As a daily commuter there has been times where i am in traffic and seen how easy it would be to duck onto the incoming lane. It's just not worth the risk to save 10 seconds. I think the issue is riders becoming complacent. We ride, split, mono all whilst taking the lords name in vain so frequently that we become immune to the risk involved. Suddenly an incoming lane split seems not such a bad idea.

    This morning it took a lot of willpower to not do a moving split whilst on the M2 so i could ride with 2 other bikes in front (who did the split). It seemed innocent enough but what if the car in front swerves whilst answering their mobile? 400m down the road the car moved over and i rocked up behind the 2 bikes anyway. So being a little bit patient didn't lose me anything in the end :wink:
  16. Spot-on, Rob; it really cheeses me off when the Melbourne riders harangue us about lane-splitting in Sydney. It would be easy if our roads had even half as much lane width as most of Melbourne does, but they don't. Roads that used to be two-lane are now three lanes with no actual width added; they just repainted the lines :roll:.

    But splitting in the circumstances described is like playing Russian Roulette with five chambers loaded.....
  17. Not splitting if he went down the RH side. But I would say 2 chambers loaded. :)
  18. I guess it doesn't matter how its described, but like I said I used to be envious because I didn't have to the courage to do it myself and I see people doing it everyday.

    But after seeing it, I've realised its just the sort of situation where it would be difficult for the rider to predict (I wasn't in a position to see if the driver had his indicator on) and to a certain extend even harder for the driver to expect that a vehicle would be coming up beside him on the wrong side of the road.

    Its good to see that the majority agree that for the seconds you can possibly save its just not worth it.
  19. I'll split if I feel the need, but have a couple of simple rules. First, I have to know what every vehicle around me is doing, including behind me and particularly a couple of cars ahead, and their speeds. Secondly, I make sure I have an out if the move fails, even if it's just falling back.
    There's no way I'd ever split to the other side of teh road near an intersection, the risk of a vehicle turning into you is just too high, and as said before, who is going to look behind them to turn right?

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. and them some

    I don't know about you folks but I even determine when I filter by the type of car/s that is at the front of the lights. It seems that some cars reflect a certain attitude. The one thing that pisses me off is how indignant some people get, and as someone put it earlier , they race you off as if it is the start of the Grand Prix. I notice that some cars exude arrogance and have a tendency to race off so I don't filter when I see these cars (obviously it sometimes bites me on the arse when they drive as if they were a Camry driver and I wished I filtered!).