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So Ninja/Z1000 is the only viable option?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Basileus, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Getting my R license next month and thinking about selling my little Gladius to get a bigger/powerful bike. I'm 6'2" / 95 kgs and 80% of my riding is around the town, however I'd love to do more touring with my missus once I get "R".
    At the moment I'd blinded by Z1000/Ninja 1000 ABS - looks like a right bike for it's price (can get 1 y.o. for $11-12K), ABS (a must)and 1L is more than enough. I've checked other bikes but their are either too expensive f.e. Tuono is a great one but it's 22K so are Ducatis and others, cheaper or older bikes haven't got ABS or they are too small for myself so I'm kinda stuck with Kawas atm and was wondering if you'd open my eyes and show some viable alternatives in this segment.

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. If the Kwaka ticks all the boxes why bother looking for an alternative? :)
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  3. cars can't knock them down either. get one.
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  4. Don't be blinded by the ABS. It's a nice-to-have (possibly, depending on the conditions you'll be doing most of your riding under) but a century of motorcyclists have (mostly)survived perfectly well without it. Lack of it certainly wouldn't prevent me from buying a bike I otherwise wanted.
  5. It's my next bike choice... and it will have an autoelec wired switch to turn off the ABS and unlock it's full potential... when I want too :twisted:
  6. Because the grass is always greener ;) So no other options at all?
  7. Your thread title & text sounds like you feel you'd be 'settling' for the Z!!!
    Have you ridden one? If not, do yourself a favor & jump on as soon as possible!! You'll be hooked! :)
    If anything were to happen to mine, I'd get another in a heartbeat.
    I'm a 'little' bias. Thread title should just read, Ninja/Z1000 is the only viable option! lol

    I can vouch for this!!! (yesterday!)
  8. From the factory the Z1000/ninja is only rated to about 190KGs total load on the frame. So if your missus is a wee slip of a thing then you're probably ok. But if she's a normal sized lass and you've both got gear on and a bit of luggage, you'll be pushing the Z close to the edge of the load she's certified to carry - and you'll certainly be pushing the rear shock up to if not beyond its limit.

    So if doing 2 up touring is a serious option for more than just a weekend or two each year, think about a) at least a rear shock upgrade or b) the litre versys which has a greater frame load.

    Or do what I did - go get the ninja and tell the missus that she can get her own bloody bike ;)

    Edit: I mention the versys not because I want to torture you with a butt ugly bike, but coz it's the same engine as the Z which is an absolute cracker. Thirsty, but a cracker :D
  9. Same, same only little bit different...

    Versys 1000 - if you like the styling of the gladius, this is kinda similar.

    EDIT: Doh! Too slow chicken merango.
  10. Get the Zed,hooning is more fun than touring.
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  11. Yum yum.........gonna be my next bike for sure :)
  12. The ninja is the perfect blend of hooning and touring.

    Now, is that "tooning"? or "hoooring"? ;)
  13. Btw is there a huge difference on a highway in terms of comfort between z1000 and ninja 1000 ?
  14. z1000 is about 30kg heavier than the street triple. need the extra hp to move it around
  15. Basicly the same bike.
    You do get the protection from the wind on the Ninja though.
    But not an issue at legal speeds (& a 'bit' above!)
  16. Yeah but ST hasn't got ABS so it's no go for me :( Great bike otherwise
  17. The seating position is slightly different between the two - different handlebars and I think they moved the pegs. Best bet is to sit on them both and see what you prefer.

    The fairing provides reasonable wind protection and is handy in a shower of rain but anything heavier and it makes no difference. It sure catches the crosswinds more than a naked does though. It improves the aerodynamics of the bike too, as you'd expect. The Z1000 doesn't have a speed limiter on it. The ninja is electronically limited but to about the same top.
  18. can get ABS on a speed triple though ...
  19. Bandit 1250s ABS ?

    More of a torque machine than a power machine.. but can hoon and tour well on the cheap. With your set limitations i'm struggling to think of much else. Looks like it's gonna be the z1000.
  20. Another rider desperate for ABS... I promise I wont derail this thread, but Basileus, in a concise a statement as possible, tell us WHY you want ABS?
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