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So nearly stacked it

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by basejumper, May 18, 2014.

  1. So I'm riding the 2 week old night rod tonight and cruising behind this car approaching a roundabout. I obviously wasn't paying enough attention as I look up and see the car infront has jammed their brakes on and stopped at the roundabout for another car that hasn't even entered the roundabout yet to our right. I look up and jam on the front brakes ( non abs ) hard. There is no way this bike is going to stop in time. The front wheel locks up and bike leans left big time and I'm about to go down. I release brake a bit and somehow front wheel grips up and bike gets back upright and I squeeze it down left side of the car and keep it off the kerb. Now I'm in the roundabout wondering how the hell I missed that car. I am dumbfounded as to what a fluke that just was. It all happened so fast. It must have looked impressive but I have no idea how I missed that car. I don't know what the hell I was looking at beforehand but it sure wasn't the car infront of me. Big lesson just learnt that's for sure. Love that bike

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  2. Its funny how many people DON’T know how to use a roundabout? You are to give way to all traffic on a roundabout not approaching. This same scenario happened to my brother in-law with his wife on the back a Ute pulled up at a roundabout with no one there and he stopped just enough to bump into the back and then roll the bike on its side. Small crack in headlight surround and a few scratches no injuries to speak of apart from pride. He had purchased the bike one week beforehand Suzuki Boulevard M109R brand new
  3. I normally slow right down for roundabouts that seem notorious for idiots using it as a chicane on a race track. Theres one near home where people try doing 60 through it, and its blind(colorbond fence blocking view).
    good to see you kept your bike upright, mix of luck and skill involved in that imo.
  4. Idiots who don't have the savvy to look to the right to see what's on the roundabout when approaching it. Poor driving and happens way to often as you just found out.
  5. Yep. There are shit-house drivers everywhere, and some of the worst are the über-cautious! Unfortunately, it's a fact of life that other drivers won't act in a predictable manner, leading to troubles for us.

    I suspect that @basejumper@basejumper probably looked and saw the approaching car, and made a judgement call of "yep, no worries, plenty of time," but didn't quite give his peripheral vision the attention it deserved. We've all done it.

    Thanks for the timely reminder for us all to be vigilant with our observation, especially coming into winter, when grip generally isn't so good! Glad to hear that cleaning a bit of brown stuff out of your dacks was the worst that happened! ;)
  6. The problem Lionz is that You don't only have to look to the right. You have to look for anyone who is in the roundabout.
    They may be coming from your left into a gap and may be going slow from a standing start.
    The road rules do not say give way to the right or give way to the vehicle going fastest through the roundabout.
    I have 2 roundabouts in my town that cause grief because drivers assume that you will give way to them because they are on your right and are going faster than you.
    The idea of a roundabout is to make all traffic slow down at the intersection and then everyone is equal. Bad design and construction has meant that in many cases this doesn't work properly.
    If you only look right at a roundabout I think your riding career is going to be brief.
    I hope to be proved wrong for your sake.
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  7. Just to clarify this statement.
    The road rules state that you should give way to any vehicles already on the roundabout.

    And where the vehicles are coming from on the roundabout? Of course from your right.

    So the main direction to look at is your right as not giving way to vehicles coming from there is the direct breach of the road rules.

    Vehicles on the left are rarely a problem but of course need to be in your vision anyway.

  8. Here you go vic roads have a video on roundabout.

    Also note they say the rider is hard to see, even though he/she is wearing high vis.