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So my girlfriend is off to Japan...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Petie, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. What should I get her to bring back...?

    I'm thinking about things that you just can't get here, like a service manual for my Zeal hehe. She said she's not bringing back a whole bike, at least not this time round... :p

    I'm new to bikes so not much comes to mind, any ideas?

  2. New computer for my bike PLEASE
  3. Remote control car.
  4. A 1L bottle of whiskey from a vending machine. I'm not kidding either.
    White PSP, or any other sort of technology that we wont be seeing for another 5 years
  5. Funny but true: in order to save on freight costs to New Zealand for a race meeting, (before the days of big-budget sponsorship) Warren Willing dismantled his TZ-700 race bike, put the bits in several suitcases (large ones, obviously) and shipped them on the plane with him........

    So, get her to bring you back a new bike, tell her she needs to think outside the square :LOL:
  6. Bring me back a Geisha girl or 3 :)
  7. BRING back the Part book for the Zeal!! as well as the service manual!!

    I can also give her a list of parts for the FZR250 that I need.. all these parts would fit in her pockets!!
  8. hope shes got *hitloads of money ..... i stayed overnight on my way to the US in 2001 .... a pack of chips ...1 crown lager and a 3 miniute international phone call cost me $ 97.00 aus that was at the Narita international hotel
  9. A pair of used schoolgirl's jocks from a vending machine.

    /Wish I was kidding.
  10. One of those poxy snow dome thing that you shake to make the fake snow wizz around inside.
  11. A t-shirt that says "My girl friend went to Japan and all she got me was this stupid T-shirt"
  12. A bumper sticker that says "Japs do it with their eyes half closed"
  13. ok ok I'm going to stop now
  14. Haha, perhaps I should have mentioned that she is actually Japanese.. :)
  15. I'm with Vic.

    I wanna see if it is true their's are sideways. :p :p :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    ***Ahem, forget about that, I have nowhere to keep them and the missus would go nuts*****
  16. that is ofcourse after u had goen nuts for a few hrs first before she found u in the back shed with 3 geisha girls ;)

    tell her to bring back a dozen single freinds then throw a huge party.. with a japanese theme..
  17. A service manual and snow globe it is then!
  18. Actually I hear there's a fantastic comic book in Japan called "charisma man."

    Charisma Man is a western guy (An English Conversation teacher, incidentally) who is super cool and smooth and sexy and has heaps of japanese girlfriends. The enemy of Charisma Man is Western Woman. When he sees Western Woman she is like his kryptonite and he turns into a gibbering, drooling, 4-eyed geek like he would be back home.

    I'd love to see an issue of that!

    Edit: you can, here:

  19. OOOOPs