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So my girlfriend can draw...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kowasaki, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. So I was at my GFs house last night and she had all her art stuff out. Jokingly said she should draw me, few minutes later we had this. I finally have something worth framing! She did an amazing job drawing the helmet IMO.


    Now to see if I can con her into drawing my bike hahaha
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  2. Can she draw a seven legged spider?
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  3. You look 'in the zone' :finger:
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  4. You look like someone on Crimestoppers who just robbed a corner shop
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  5. She said it was these eyes or slanty eyes, decided these looked better haha.

    Don't go telling everyone what I did last night, jeez...

    I hope so, I'm gonna need it to pay my fines if Lionz doesn't keep his mouth shut haha

    Also, she's doing my bike! Can't wait :D
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  6. That was from the gravy stroke.
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  7. I've never met you....so it's kind of hard to tell if its a good drawing or not!
  8. Who dislikes the gravy stroke? :arghh:
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  9. Why a 7 Legged spider?
  10. ^^^ National 'draw a disabled spider week', iinit.
  11. You've never heard the joke?? Look up the seven legged spider emails, it's a pissa. A guy tries to pay his bill with a drawing of a spider haha.

    EDIT, here it is Next time, I'll spend the money on drugs instead.
  12. O
    Oh, I know the joke, just didn't know it was a 7 legged spider.
  13. hahahahaha
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