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So my bike blew up...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by slygrog, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Literally, turned into a flaming mess at the Sunday MOST practice. I'm looking into new ones. I sort of need to find a new option quite quickly as my life is about to rely on non-PT commuting. That said, if I don't find what I need in the next few weeks, I'm not going to just buy something dumb.

    Anyway. I had a Kawasaki GPz 550 from 1983, and I loved riding it. It was very low to the ground, had a good turning circle and wasn't anywhere near as twitchy in low gears as the CB250 I did the pre-learners quest on.

    Ideally I'd like the replacement to have these qualities, but not burst into flame. I'm looking at 400cc - 500cc bikes at the moment, but I'm not set on that range over anything else.

    Supersports bike have never been particularly of interest to me. I like the look of cruisers, and standard/weird bikes like the Honda CD250U or Kwaka GPz/LTD. Recently I've been looking at supermotards too, not sure why. I have heard many times they're awesome in the city. Are they really?

    Would be using the bike for commuting above all else, maybe a bit of touring but nothing substantial.

    I don't really want to spend more than 5K.

    I know about the standard fare - the ninjas, the Suzuki GS500s, the various 250 cruisers. While I'm all ears if you think they're the best choice, I'm super interested in thoughts on motards and thoughts on the 400 and 500cc category, which I'm still learning about.
  2. So wait, what happened to it??? Conrod flew out the engine? Spark ignited fuel? What?
  3. admirable quality to look for in a bike. I hope it works out for you.
  4. CB400? I think it's quite low... Or feels that way to my 6"3' frame ;)
  5. CB400 is an AWESOME bike, but, not sure if she'll find one for the <5k she's looking for.
  6. I am not sure yet. The theory being floated by a few netriders + the firemen was that there was a fuel line issue. Other than that, no idea. Maybe the insurance investigators will find out more, but the thing was so melted and burned out by the time the firemen arrived I doubt there's much evidence left.
  7. I was just looking at one of those, and a VFR400. The CB400 looks very cool.
  8. Buy my across. $1300.

    Or you can ask about my vfr400....

    Mind you they're not the style you're after!

    Sorry about the bike! Bizarre!
  9. As a left field suggestion... How about a BMW R65?
  10. I second the motion. That was the first one I thought of too. And the GS500, and whichever one of the FZ6 variants tickles your libido.
  11. Whoops! I must have skipped the $5k budget part... Sorry. I would be pretty wary of any CB400 for $5k :-s

    GS500 is probably a good choice in that pricerange. Will get a fairly recent example too.
  12. I was considering one of those the other day, but I am scurred of old bikes now. :D
  13. I am warming to the GS500. The GS500E from around '97 in black looks relatively mean! But I'm going to have a look at an 05 model with the fairings, I think.
  14. I noticed fuel flowing down the side of the block of my 04 GS500 last year....smelt the fuel and shut it down before it went poof, but all it took was a tiny spec of dirt in one of the carbs.

    It could happen on a new bike too - don't write off all old bikes...suspect you might get the condition of the fuel lines checked though :)
  15. Ha. Fair enough.

    I'm also considering a Honda Spada. They're goddam good looking motorbikes, and I've always thought highly of their specs. How much disappointment do you think someone would experience going from a 550cc motorbike to a 250cc motorbike? I'm not a revhead but I did enjoy the power of that bike.
  16. oo i forgot about the CX500 as well... me likey those. Friend is looking at one for a cafe racer as his misses has given him the green light now lol.

    On another note though, the GS500 is a solid bike.

    The spada, and the VTR250 are lovely machines!!! You'd be hard pushed to go wrong on those. Should get a nice ish vtr for your budget too.
  17. For $5K, I wouldn't be surprised if you found a very well looked after Spada that still makes close to the power it used to make. It is a biatch to get into the motors though. You will have to wring it to get power out of it though, like with most 250's.
    How much power did your 550cc bike make, and how much did it weigh? The 'oomph' factor has a lot to do with power to weight ratio. At claimed power and weight figures, the Honda Spada makes 0.2857 KG/HP, or 140KG (dry) and 40HP. But that's at 11,000RPM.
  18. 65hp @ 10500rpm. Wet weight was 210kg or so. Mine was a bit heavier than that, but those are the claimed numbers for the model. Didn't have to work too hard for power, it was just there, lurking under the explosive surface.
  19. Hell, I have a Spada that needs about $1500 worth of work (forks and cam chain, mostly...) - make me an offer around $1500!
  20. The way it should be. The best thing about burning vehicles is they can never tell if the petrol residue was all from the tank/fuel lines or other sources of inspiration.