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So much for hoon laws working properly

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. That's beyond ridiculous. Lambo, Kingswood or Commodore, the guy's lost his car for a month for doing absolutely nothing. Nice to see police and pollies all throwing their hands up in the air and saying "we can't do anything about it..."

    Bullshit. Police Commisioner should release the car to the completely innocent owner, and the law should be changed ASAP. F*cking pathetic. That's what you get when you enact ill-considered knee-jerk legislation, then run hard-line bullsh*t PR meaning you can't make any changes without losing face. D*ckheads.
  2. totally agree, fellas. Here in Vic the tolerance is lower but the lockup period is also lower.

    And the cops don't apologise. In fact they go out of their way to emphasise that they don't give a flying youknowwhat. The laws aren't acting as a deterrent. Otherwise record numbers of "hoons" wouldn't be having their vehicles seized.

    So, what if the victim wasn't a doctor's car but say, a tradie's ute, or a courier's van? The owner would lose their livelihood as well.

    And good luck suing the garage owner in this case. Certainly, the mechanic won't have a pot to piss in.

    Typical politicians, gutless bastards that they are for hiding behind the law in this case.
  3. I'd be steaming if I was him... absolutely ridiculous.
  4. Who cares?
  5. The cops probably just want to keep it in there so they can take it for a spin
  6. First they came for the Lamborghini owners, and I did not speak out - because I am not a Lamborghini owner...
  7. they don't 'come for you' unless you CAUSE them to 'come for you', bonk, it's a nice paraphrase, but one of your least astute posts
  8. No Hornet, they came for his car and he had done nothing wrong. (see the article)
  9. I saw the article. SOMEONE broke the law, that's why the Police are involved :roll:

    If the good Doctor can afford a Lambo, he can afford a good lawyer, and he SHOULD be screaming from the rooftops about the stupidity of this. PLUS, he needs to fiind a new mechanic, pronto :LOL:

    This bloke, on the other hand, is doomed :rofl: http://snipurl.com/tzwdt
  10. And they punished the wrong person.

    This could happen to any of us when we take our bikes in for a service.
  11. So would that mean, if a person stole your car and sped 80km/hr over the limit...you wouldn't be able to get your car back due to the magical hoon laws?

  12. Ummmmm… let us look at this.
    The point about the statement Bonk is paraphrasing is that the criteria by which they target groups can change, thus they can simply decide on there “CAUSE”. It is the whole point of what Bonk is quoting…
    Which would make this one of your less astute posts Paul.
  13. Okay...so then you agree that the dr should be kicking up a fuss. What if it happened to you then and you couldn't afford the lawyer?

    Surely now you see the relevance of the paraphrase? It's pointing out that we should all be worried that the law can punish someone who hasn't broken the law.

    Why the rolling eyes? It baffles me that you don't see the relevance.
  14. He will get his car back, its very unfair but so is almost everything these days...
    Id be more pissed that the greasy mechanic had the balls to herb around like that in my expensive ride
  15. Victoria has a hardship clause in the hoon laws that does allow for the car to be returned to the owner (provided that he/she was NOT the offender) when it causes undue hardship. This would normally include where it is the sole family car, is used for business etc. Sounds like W.A has something similar in their laws. As harsh as it seems I doubt that the Lambo is the Doctors sole means of transport nor would it be essential for his business or trade. Mischief is correct in that is not fair but as Bill Gates says, Life is not fair, get used to it!
  16. Holy ****, this is yet another example of government being utterly stupid. In this case it is also yet another example of police looking at numbers and not reality.

    Unbelievable. Oh well, let's all go back to sleep peeps!

  17. I saw this on the news and it made me sad inside. What happens when someone decides to take your car for a joyride or something? If the owner is not driving their car they should not be punished for having it taken away. Impound the wanker mechanic instead!
  18. I'm sure you would feel that way if your mechanic took your bike for a fang and had it confiscated. Why should YOU be punished for the mechanic's stupidity?
    The hoon laws are just wrong in their current guise.

    edit: ah but it's a 250 cruiser so you should be safe :p
  19. In the case of theft you can get your car back immediately.