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So much FAIL it's not funny....well perhaps a little bit

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Mar 31, 2011.

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  2. In post #1 I can't figure out the guy ends up getting so badly out of shape - rear brake abuse probably, from being startled by the slow inside line hugging rider, the one that the crashing rider should have spotted if he'd looked through the corner.

    Why would you stay on the on ramp after a crash though?!?! :eek:

    The last bike in the pile up didn't seem to slow down did he? Feet off the pegs, target fixated right into the poor bastard on the side of the road.

    This is a good video in one respect though - demonstrates the benefit of the concrete rail. Imagine the rider carnage if WRB's had been installed.
  3. I think the first rider to go down clipped the back off the rider in front,

    The one that ploughed into the downed riders, didnt know he had brakes, and target fixation,

    I stopped in the middle of the road for a bike that dropped in front of me,

    Heap of bikes went past me like Lemmings, Two dropped, two hit the guard rail and kept going, two hit the guard rail and stopped,

    Bikes do have brakes, and when you see an accident in front of you,

    For fu#ck sake, slow down or stop,

  4. Yeah it has me a bit phucked too. Note how the car driver gets out and helps when the three bike riders are stuck and can't get up.
  5. :eek: What a mess. At first, I thought the bike far right was gonna drift into the concrete barrier. WOW!!
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  7. I know I'm a noob, but to me it looks as though he sees the slow guy in front and jams on his front brakes with the bike not pointed straight. The video isn't that clear, I could be wrong.
  8. A car did a U turn in front of a stopped truck in Johnson st, Collingwood, peak hour,
    I was splitting down the centre, I saw him from 3 feet, the Bonnie went in behind the front wheel and guard, I stepped off it, it was just stuck there, they had to lever it out with crow bars,
    A bloke came down the hill at Woodend on his Vincent, T intersection at the bottom, car pulled out and the Vincent went straight through it, in the left door and out the right door.
    Double fatality,

  9. I failed many times, I thought that picture was a video link [-([-(
  10. You are not the only one... Shhh
  11. You had a fair crack at it mate so I'll give you points.

    I have a nice clear monitor and watching carefully you can see FAIL bike #1 lock up the rear for a little bit, release, tank slap, splat.

    But there's heaps of FAIL before then, and plenty of Fail after it so have another dip...

    I'll start you off, why did he HAVE to brake in the first place?
  12. LMAO...

    Mate I failed many times because I couldn't work out how to embed the videos. I was considering mentioning it but then thought......nah, this would be funnier
  13. Not an understatement. 'When group rides go bad'.......only takes one