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So many options. Advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HotelWhisky, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I posted in the lounge a week or so ago and since then have been looking around and considering my options. Just for context, I am a 22 year old bloke in Canberra, about 6' and about 120kgs. I am new to road bikes but have ridden off road before on farms and the like, and have been driving cars for 6 years.

    I have considered getting a bike before but never really could justify it to myself. But I am moving to a new position with work where parking is going to be a killer, but I will have a little more cash to play with. And TBH I just want to be able to go cruising on a bike.

    I am doing my L's next week, and have been into a local dealer to have a look at some bikes and have thus far been overwhelmed by my options. Fortunately this dealer will let L-platers test ride, so I have that option, but some people also seem to think that's maybe not such a great idea with my lack of experience.

    So far I have been particularly taken by the Honda CBR range, something about the CBR300RR ABS in black and yellow just does it for me, but I have also considered the CBR500RR, CB300F, Kawa Ninja 300, Suzuki Inazuma 250, and even the KTM's look good.

    The reason I have been looking at new bikes as opposed to older 2nd hand ones is primarily that as I know nothing about bikes I wouldn't trust myself to know what I am looking for when I actually went to see a bike, and that realistically to cost difference at this price range is not that huge. Budget is 6-8k.

    Anyway, I am posting this just to see what some more experienced riders think of my choices in bikes, if anyone recommends anything in particular to watch out for etc, and partly just because I am so excited I just want to chat about it :p

    anyway, Cheers, HotelWhisky
  2. At your size and height I wouldn't consider the 250 or 300cc bikes. I'd be looking for something with a bit of torque like the Er6L kawa or Honda 500.

    The bigger size and weight of these shouldn't be an issue as you've ridden before.
    Second hand Jap bikes aren't really too much of a risk if you check them out properly - look for;
    1. Service history
    2. No scratches on the engine cases, levers, and bar ends
    3. Good chain and sprockets

    There are folks on NR that will be happy to look at bikes for you if you're not confident.

    Just my opinion, I'm sure others will suggest other options.

    Good luck
  3. All good bikes, as you are a larger guy I would say go for a 500. If you are buying new then to recover some of your money you will want to keep it for a while. You will be on LAMS for at least three years so a larger bike will serve you better. The CBR500RR is a good choice, Ninja 650L, the KTM 390 is a sexy looking machine.
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  4. Triumph Street Triple 660?
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  5. I'm about the same weight and height, but way older. I returned back to the bike this year and was in the same spot as yourself.

    This is my story, I tried the GS500, GSX650F and the SV650... all of them excellent bikes and all second hand but in the end went for the GSX650F. It's big and comfortable, with plenty of low down torque, it will allow you to make mistakes. I bought mine from a dealer and also paid for extra warranty.

    My next bike will be new and I'm glad I didn't buy new, third day in the garage I dropped it...couple of scratches, but I would felt a lot worse if it was brand new.
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  6. Check out the Sv650, then do wheelies all day long... or not as one of the cylinders dies of oil starvation if you hold it for to long. But seriously the Sv650 is a very nice bike, rides well and interesting even with the lams restriction. GS500 would be my third pick of the bikes mentioned above after the Street triple and sv650. The gsx650f, and ER6nL I found to be pretty pedestrian(boring) bikes... but it all depends on what you're looking for.

    Don't go past the 250's and 300's they are more fun to ride than the bigger bikes by far.

    Do something crazy and buy a WR450f and motard it... dont worry about dropping it just about how to keep the front wheel on the ground
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  7. Did my service on a cbr250. I'm around the 100-110kg mark and the same height.

    You'll be fine with the 300s...overtaking at highway speeds may require a couple of gears down and some forward planning but is manageable. Still great fun when it gets twisty or even commuting.

    If I did it again (and didn't inherit the 250r) I'd look at the cbr500... Should get one in your price bracket. I'm partial to a Honda as well :p
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  8. Hi Hotelwisky,

    Having had both hondas (250r) and now the 500r which I have been riding for 2 years my advice would be to go for cbr 500r. Why?

    considering your height and weight

    More space
    More comfortable
    More low down torque (no need to drop gears)
    Easier to ride long distances

    You won't go wrong with 250r or 300r but trust me your height and weight is perfect for the 500r.

    I am 184cm and 90kg and I did not like to riding position and comfort on my cbr250r

    good luck with your L test
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  9. Hi mate, welcome and like others here (and on your welcome post) I would suggest staying away from 250's at your size/weight. Of the rest, the best bike to get though is the one that feels best to you on your test ride and that makes you smile most - so consider all advice given, make a short list and get testing!
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  10. Thanks alot guys. General consensus seems to be push for a bigger bike, given I'll get more torque and buying new I'll keep it longer.

    On top of that I am really keen to test them all, and I suspect I'll be making the decision based on which bike holds the smile longest after I get off it.

    I'll let you know how I go!
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  11. Hey hey,

    So just as an update since last week. I had my L's day and passed. It was surprising how quickly everything came back from my time on dirt bikes. This morning I test rode a Yamaha MT-07 and CBR500R. I added the Yamaha given all the people on here buying and loving them.

    The MT07 was phenomenal, blew my mind, but i just couldnt get comfortable. Mirrors seemed too small, clutch point seemed very narrow. All stuff that i thought i could get used to after i got over the sexy sound coming out of the pipe.

    Then I jumped on the Honda and all that went away. I felt comfortable, could see everything, I had plenty of power in reserve (by my standards). And the most important comparison, the smile lasted longer after the Honda. So I think that's what I'll be going with!

    I just have to decide whether it's worth the extra $1200 for ABS and i think it probably is.....

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  12. You won't be disappointed!
  13. Well done and enjoy....

    You have done what I always advise people. Ride everything you can. Buy the one YOU like the most.
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  14. Next hardest choice is colour. Congrats and enjoy
  15. Great, enjoy. And IMO yes go for ABS!
  16. Haha yep. The dealer has red and black in ABS or non-ABS in black and Tri-Colour for $1200 less.

    If they had it I would take the Tri-Colour ABS tomorrow. But apparently it's roughly a two week wait for ABS tri-colour. It's a shame as I'm getting slayed by parking at my new job. So at the moment I'm tossing up between Red/ABS/now; Tri-colour/non-ABS/$1200/now or Tri-Colour/ABS/weeks away.

    Difficult decisions right? >:O
  17. ABS.
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  18. Forget the ABS, just put your feet down as stabilizers ;)
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  19. Great! Good choice and you will love it!

    If I had to choose again I would buy cbr500r the tri colour non abs version instead of my colour being red.

    Don't waste money on abs. Learn how to apply the brake properly and you will be a safer better rider regardless of abs or not!
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  20. And put the money you save on not getting ABS towards some intermediate and/or advanced rider training - you'll thank us later
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