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So, just bought my big boy bike! FZ1N

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by panza83, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Just organised for a FZ1 to be shipped from QLD at Northside teammoto to Sydney, ripper price, even after the headache of blue slipping is done, bone stock 15k on the clock, 2006 Yellow 50th anniversary edition.


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  2. Youse gunna crash, brah :)
  3. Fixed
  4. got my careful pants on, no worries, brah :p
  5. Nice bike, a bloke at work has one of these (diff colour) and it goes well.
  6. u shipping it to teammoto blacktown?
  7. Nah shipping to my work, where ill get it blueslipped around the corner.
    Shipping to blacktown was an option though.
  8. Turns out its going to arrive on the 4th of August..... I'm stinging... And bikeless until then. I might have to commandeer my Fiancees 250 V-Star.
  9. Mate, so THIS is who you've recently gotten engaged to ???? Now I get it...
    Nice ride mate (y)
  10. Me being the sly ****er that i am, used the opportunity of a distracting piece of diamond to get the bike approved :p
  11. Nice work. (y)

    Nice bike too. (y)(y)
  12. That is bordering on ULTRA Genius mate ! Keep up the good work :)
  13. ULTRA genius would be passing off cubic zirconia for the wheels..nice looking ride though
  14. Haha ! To me, that would be owning the keys to the Cosmos (and the 'black hole', as Fabio used to claim) (y)
  15. just read a review on the new fz1. Not bad, it could be my next bike, was looking at r1s and the zx10 but im kinda thinking it might be a waist since i dont do trackdays every weekend.
    Think im gonna go naked for my next purchase:D
    the fz1 does looks the goods, nice purchase mate, give us ur opinion on how it goes once you have clocked up a few miles.
  16. I bought one of these today. It is schizophrenic and I love it so much :D

    Keep the revs down and it's quiet, comfortable, even economical ( for a big bike ) but let those revs wander up into the higher parts of the dial and it goes like a bullet, screaming all the way :D

    It can carve, tour, or commute in equal measure. You'll love it.
  17. If I was ever to consider a naked, the FZ1 would definitely be up there on the shortlist (y)
  18. I was seriously looking at this bike last week, debating whether or not to have it shipped down. I ended up getting an r1 instead, just cant shake the way a big bore sportsbike hits. It was a great deal though, and congratulations. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable time on it.

  19. #19 panza83, Aug 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    So, now the bike is all blue slipped and registered and serviced and lovely....
    I took it for my first ride last night from work, where i was keeping the bike to home...
    Holy twitchy shitnuggets batman.
    This thing is ridiculous. I have to be in the order of a magnitude smoother on the throttle, she just wants to go, and go and go. I must admit on taking off from the lights, i over revved the tits off it on a few occasions due to muscle memory from VTR, bit of clutch slip sorted that out when it occurred though. On a few occasions i did notice the fuel cut issue that plagues '06 models so im definitely going to have to source myself an Ivan's FCE mod.

    Another thing i'm not used to is the lack of engine braking compared to a VTR, its just not there, something tells me its more to do with the vastly higher gear ratios though.

    All in all, was a bit scary at first, but that ended up turning into a cautious respect for the machine. I feel like a learner all over again.

    One question, anyone know what a litre bike generally runs at, temperature wise? Ticked over at peak temp in traffic 102 celsius, and about 85-90 while moving.

    Little video for your enjoyment.
  20. "Holy twitchy shitnuggets batman."

    Nice... Describes her beautifully :D