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So I've joined the club...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Proposed to the girlfriend on the weekend and she said yes...

    so now we're engaged!
  2. HUGE CONGRATS mate! Best wishes to the both of you for a long, happy, healty and prosperous life together!:grin:
  3. MAV!!! Well done :D

    A special proposal, or a boring stuffy expensive restaurant? (i'm sorry if it was... and no offence meant)

    Congratulations dudeman! Any thoughts on the date? Or just go to registry in a few months time? Long honeymoon traveling?
  4. Congratulatins Mav.
    All the best mate to you and your future bride.
  5. No offence taken! :)

    Tuscan-esque suite at a resort in the hawkesbury valley...complete with a Romeo / Juliet balcony and an in-room fireplace (yes i got it going before going down on one knee)

    prob gonna happen in 2012, not gonna do it in the city costs are a complete rort, definately want to go on a long traveling honeymoon
  6. Congrats bro, you must have done a burnout on your bike to celebrate this very important occasion. Both of you like/ride bikes.....PERFECT!

    I can picture this now.......Mav and bride in a white limo + a hundred netriders on their stately steed following + Putty Road = BIKER HEAVEN lol.
  7. perfect setting for it :) well done :D
  8. thanks! the missus thought so too...:)


    yeap, and everyone has to have white ribbon tassles attached to their handlebars and a "Just Married" sign on the back of their jackets.

    actually, thanks for bringing that up...wonder how many people on here would be interested in the idea of participating in a wedding convoy?
  9. if i'm down in sydney at that time, i'd be interested :)

    in 2012 though, might be going to canada for a few months... or a year
  10. Congrats mav, so now u have to become an orthodox and get married in a Serb church :D

    well done guys
  11. thanks goz

    i'll get married in a Serb church only if you and Dean be the flag bearers :)

    hey as long as i can dance the traditional way and remember to say "Ziveli" before shotting rakija (i once got confused and said "slanina / slanine"...remind me to tell you that story), she's a happy woman :D
  12. Im down for this.

    Now for the problem.
    1) Unless your driver is Michael Schumacher, my guess that that those speed freak superbike riders with little attention span among us will get bored and leave you in their dust. All the while giving you the middle finger and cursing the slow cager holding up their fun.
    2) Unless your limo is bombproof, shockproof and soundproof, cruiser riders among us (myself included) with an overly loud exhaust will drown out any meaning full conversation and probably rattle any normal limo to pieces.
    3) Unless your also providing free petrol, those <250 rider among us (including all scooter riders) wont even make it to the staging area, their very tight petrol allowance only allows them to go from school to home.

    Lol have I insulted everyone? all jokes guys, I think its a great idea and im certainly in for that ride.

  13. bwwwaaahahhahhahaahha thats funny

    i'll be barjaktar if u doing serb style, no dramas :)
  14. Congratulations. Good work. All the best for the future. :applause:
  15. 1) i'll be having my own fun so won't notice
    2) see #1
    3) they can serve food to the tables on their scooters
    wow take it easy wedding planner!

    if it was something we'd consider, then it would only be a ride from the church to the reception / hotel...then again we might do it in a country / vineyard location and whoever comes by can spend the boring bits doing twisties :)

    anyway, we're just joking around at the moment, yet to see what will happen.

    thanks for all the well wishes guys! we appreciate it.

  16. thanks goz! i'll hold you to it, dean can be the kum lol
  17. Then watch out for bikes with a Gopro mounted on them ;). Just kidding bro.