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So i've downgraded.... to a 125.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vash, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. What has become of me?

    I started out in 2004 on a ZZR250, and soon ended up taking it on dirt roads near St Albans. Soon after i purchased a DR650. had a blast on some epic trips for a few years.
    Then came the ZX6R, then a DRZ400, KTM 950 Adventure, Super enduro....

    Now i've sold all those and ive just bought a CBR125.

    Whats happening here? I think i can only link the cause to my riding holiday in Vietnam. Following in the footsteps of Richard hammond, i purchased a Russian minsk for $200 USD and set out with a mate to reach Hanoi.

    We barely left Saigon before my mate's Minsk's engine grenaded. And mine got half way up the coast before the clutch died.
    But having been through this experience, the good times came from the mechanical problems, the feeling of uncertainty.
    The discovery of a new culture, on the roads less travelled.

    So i've returned to Australia after the 5 week epic, and i'm attracted to the very small bikes that flood the streets of SE Asia. Why do i need more than 15BHP after the fun i had there?
    Has anyone come to the same conclusion?

  2. Hope you never have to do highway speeds…

    …and that you're petite.
  3. i'm tall & lanky, 75kg.
    the CBR is able to cruise at 100kmh and thats all i need in a country of a 110 speed limit.
    I would have bought a postie bike but they top out at 70-80. The CBR is more aerodynamic to get higher speeds with the same economy.
  4. As a person who merges frequently onto freeways: I respectfully disagree.

    And disrespectfully think just about anyone who attempts to merge onto a freeway at less than the posted speed limit is a f***ing moron who should be confined to 60km/hr streets.
    Honestly, those people are almost always the reason for a total stop of traffic on the M4, in peak hour.
  5. Merging onto the freeway i would have the bike pinned rather than float along at 100kmh. Then reduce my speed and sit in the left lane.
    And some vehicles don't have the acceleration to get up to the posted speed limit before they merge. It depends on the traffic flow and conditions. I've rarely ever merged and cars having to slow for me.
  6. If you only wanted a 125 and wanted something that'll give you stories to tell, you should've got an RS125 IMO. Bit more power too ;)
  7. You could have a lot of fun on a step through moped, if you wanted to.

    Different kind of fun to lofting the front wheel with a twist of the wrist though!
  8. What's happening to you? You're clearly losing your mind...such a shame.
  9. I think ultimately i'm after super economy with the capability of 100KMH. That can't be done on many other 125s besides 2 strokes, which are down on economy.
  10. I can understand why you've done it, but I wouldn't do it myself. Not here anyway. Maybe if I was back in the UK with it's greater congestion, wider choice of non-freeway/highway routes and larger choice of interesting little bikes.
  11. Have to agree. In congested small towns like in S E Asia, the lack of power won't be a problem, but here......
  12. The lack of power lets you smell the roses. I still rode in the countryside of Vietnam, away from towns. Still great.
    And Sydney is just as congested :/
  13. Yah. Those merging runways are there for a reason.
  14. You really really really do not want to take one of those on the highway though.
  15. I love my 125 around the city, its more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. Having to maintain momentum makes you a better rider when you get on a big bike.
  16. I guess it depends on what you want to get out of your experience in relation to riding!

    For me, as much as I love my 250, I am also looking forward to the upgrade. But there is nothing to say that I may want to downgrade somewhere along the way either.

    No matter what they say..... bigger is not always better!! 8-[

    But yeah, speaking as an ex L plater & now P plater on the M4..... it sucks... big time!! :facepalm:
  17. Go to bed with a few aspirin. When you wake up in the morning, hopefully this nightmare will have passed. :)
  18. +1
    Im sure that the flu like symtoms will pass over this too :)
  19. Highway speeds on large bikes is just so much more relaxing than the nightmare of a 125cc.

    Its like pedalling on a bicycle amongst a stampede of buffalo to the soundtrack of the vuvuzela.
  20. I have had several 250's for blatting around town and the odd squirt they are fine..but if you do any highway riding you might as well drive.There are times when more power is a lifesaver..a 250 or smaller means overtaking has to be planned kilometers ahead..if you ride a bigger machine overtaking is instinctive,as it should be.
    I rode a GSX250s from Melbourne to Adelaide..and back..sure she'll do it, but at 110 kph there is not much top end left. I like to have power in reserve,it's a form of insurance.

    I recently moved from a GT250 (silence! stop giggling) to the GS500, the economy is still great, the 500 is using about half a litre of fuel more per week than the lil Hyo but plenty of grunt for hill climbing and taming traffic.