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So i've done it again :( serviced my bike and not working

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BalmyBrowny, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. I have a 2001 GSXR 600. 30xxxk's

    the bike was running a bit rough and i knew that i needed to change the oil again. so i thought why not. give her a nice top up. set the bike up. read through the manual and changed the plugs + oil. topped up my resevoir for coolant/water mix, cleaned and adjusted chain, checked levers and tyres.

    did that all last night. and cause it was late and didnt want to wake up the youngens, i didn't start her up till this morning. i got ready for work, jumped on and started her up. first thing i noticed was sounded a little too deep. and maybe a bit lethargic on the throttle when i tried to rev??? then i looked on my dashboard and noticed that FI (F1)?? was flashing, alternating with my coolant temp. thought thats not right. pushed bike back inside and drove to work.

    Now home in break, read through manual on dashboard and it says that coede is for something wrong with fuel system somewhere and should be taken to suzuki dealer for check up. i thought maybe i didn't sit the airbox back on properly so i went and checked and re set it just in case... but still no dice :(

    and now after listening to it again i've noticed a knocking type niose once i release the clutch when its started. So what have i done this time :roll:

    p.s. last time i rode, the fuel light came on about 5 k's from home.

    thats about as much info as i cna think of.
  2. Could be the lack of fuel. You better top it up because FI doesn't like to be dry at all.
  3. I've heard Suzuki's can be very finnicky..

  4. Pinched the fuel tube while re-assembling it? Plugs don't have the right gap, or aren't in properly?

    I dunno about that knocking noise, where's it coming from?
  5. Are you absolutely positively sure that you put the right spark plug leads onto the correct spark plugs?
  6. ok sorry :?
    Seriously, if she was running fine before you 'serviced' her, Just back-track to what you have done. ie plugs ( leads), etc.
    that knocking noise could be a loose plug, a plug firing out of timing >> crossed lead etc, which would make the engine short on cylinders and cause "ignition knock".
    PS: You have checked the oil level right???? :shock: re: serious overfilling will do it !
  7. thanks for the responses! :)

    i did think that feul might be a problem but my light comes on when 4l or less... i've gone further before without filling up... will top up in morning anyway just incase... that knocking noise sounds like its coming from the engine. (not too specific i know sorry) the oil level is a touch over on the fill line. is it worth trying to drain that little bit??

    i 'thought' i put the right leads on the right plug. it has the recommended plugs in there. NGK CR9E. will search through the manual see if i can't get a nice pic on which leads are meant to go where and double check. that sounds like it might be it. i checked fuel tube cause thats the start of the fuel system, so when i read that FI stands for that, thats what i went and checked.
  8. same thing happend with my first car... changed the spark plugs and sumhow dropped a screw in the engine!!! fingers crossed your not stupid enough to do that... however it is a possability!

    as for the fuel thingi... you could have a loose wire under the petrol tank could be anything from a air hose to a fuel line!

    best thing to do is to not touch it with those "special" fingers of yours, chuk it on a trailer and take it to your mechanic.
  9. ok... update time.....

    went back and checked the pugs/leads. turns out that i accidentally knocked off one of the pulgs into the lead when i put the airbox back on. so that solved the FI problem when i started the bike up :) so thanks for the ideas of checking them.

    the knocking type noise is still a bit there. it only comes on when i engage the clutch. when cluth lever is full in, no noise, then when i release i hear a knocking type noise coming from the engine. not sure about that one.
  10. normal clutch noise that your now, paranoid ears, are hearing. or thrust bearing.
  11. That's normal on every CBR I've owned and I get it a bit on the SV as well. So it may be normal, you've just never noticed it before.
  12. Yeah or the clutch basket has developed a rattle. maybe the new oil your using isnt as good as the oil that was in it... what happens when it gets to temp? any change?
  13. thanks for replying Zealt. was riding just yesterday and noticed it still makes the noise.... but not really all the time. noticeable when the bike is cold and just pulling off... and when its hot after sitting in traffic on my commute to/from work. but general riding i don't notice. previous owner used motul oil, but didn't tell me which one he used. i'm using the semi synthetic. does this mean maybe i should try the full synthetic and see if there is a difference?
  14. HAHAHAHA.. How did you get a screw in there?!