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So, it's time to start looking..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Pugsly, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Anyone who remember when I first started riding, will recall that I asked a lot of questions. I did a lot of research and only after getting as much feedback as I could, did I buy my LAMS bike, gear etc.

    Some time has passed since then, and I'm now able to upgrade. Yay!

    So I'm trying to work out what the 'next' bike will be. I have some ideas, and I've floated a few past the gentle folk at Saturday practice, as well as seeking points of view, however I'd like to open the discussion to the broader forum as well.

    My riding is 90% commuting (about 100kms round trip a day) and about 10% on twisties of a weekend. I've a view to doing some touring around Tassie and Vic.

    I've got a pet hate at the moment about having to fill my bike up twice a week, however I'm not sure I'll find something with a 500km range :)

    I've been riding a CB500F for the last 15 months. It's been a good bike, but as I've racked up the kms, I've noticed that I'd like a little more power. I've also found myself wanting a little more protection and am thinking a screen and fairings would be the go. I also had a back operation at the start of the year, and anything approaching a tucked Superbike type riding position isn't going to happen.

    So.. this has got me thinking Sports Tourer.

    I want to draw up a shortlist of bikes to ride. I really don't have the time to ride dozens of bikes on the weekends, so if I can get it down to 4 or 5, that'd be great.

    Bikes I've been kicking around in my head..

    I find myself drawn to the VFR1200F.. Something about the look appeals, and I love my gadgets/tech.


    Then there's the Kwaka 1400GTR


    The Yammy FJR1300


    and maybe... the Bimmer K1300S.. Though I'm not sure about that.

    The Viffer is 267kg wet, the Kwaka is 304kg wet, and the Yammy is 292kg wet.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on commuting on any of these bikes, any other bikes I should consider, and/or any insight you'd like to add to aid me on this part of my riding journey.

    Thanks in advance for your help. :)

    TL;DR - Pugsly is looking for his next bike - what should he get?
  2. When you are looking at the lean angle check the knee bend angle as well. I noticed with my crappy back that tighter knee angled aggravated the situation even more. Might not be that way for you of course but maybe something to think about.
    That combined with lean angle might be a issue on the VFR.
  3. You're right. My main concern on the VFR is the more aggressive angles. By way of comparison, this is the current ride.
    Still, the VFR is a cheaper bike than the Yammy and the Kwaka, and I do love the look of it, so it will remain shortlisted until I ride it and find it's viable.. or not.
  4. Have a look at the lighter ninja 1000.
  5. As a matter of interest, why are you not so keen on the Beemer?
  6. Nothing rational. Not that in love with it's lines. It doesn't have that 'x' factor for me. But, I haven't seen it in the flesh, nor ridden it, so I haven't excluded it.

    @basejumper@basejumper I'll put the Ninja 1K on the list. As an aside, I love the look (as opposed to the Beemer) of the Z1000 SE. If I was looking for another naked, it would be front and centre!
  7. Zthou is awesome, but tank capacity/range isn't great. If that's important, cross it off. I didn't buy one for the range :D

    It's an awesome commuter tho.
  8. Aprilia Caponord, Benelli Tre-K.
  9. I ride with a friend who has a VFR1200 and he's very happy with it (mainly commuting). I have a VFR800 now, which won"t satisfy as it's a little too close to a sports riding style, but prior to that I has a Suzuki 1200 Bandit. The seating position was very much like sitting comfortably in an arm chair. May be worth a look at the 1250 Bandits?
  10. Al, I'll do a bit of reading on them. Thanks.

    I took a look at the Bandit on suggestion from @hawklord@hawklord. I'm not in love with it's old-school looks, and lack of gadgets, but it is a lot cheaper than the others I'm considering.. Hmm.
  11. My first thoughts are, keep the 500 for the daily grind and buy the Yamaha or the Honda for the longer haul or pleasure riding. Plus it's always a bonus to have a second/spare bike.

    Be aware that if you use one of the more exotic brands as a commuter or long distance tourer that you might run into trouble with parts availability (possible long delays) if you have a problem.

    Given your commute, though I don't see a problem with using a large tourer, just bare in mind that your
    consumables, tyres etc will cost a lot more than the 500. Tyres, for example will square off fairly rapidly with
    over 300kgs of bike and rider on them.
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  12. Which is why I bought the ZZR250.
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  13. Thanks Doug, appreciate your thoughts.

    The only problem with keeping the 500 for the daily grind, is that I'd rather like the creature comforts the bigger bikes bring :)

    My other thought is... if I have two bikes, would the cost of consumables on the bigger bike be outweighed by the annual cost of rego+insurance+consumables on the 500? I have to put a good business case to the financial controller...

    Good point on the exotics.. On that topic (parts) are Japanese big brands all about the same in gouge factor for parts, or is there one that is more (or less) expensive on the whole than the rest?
  14. I just couldn't do that to the poor wee thing. I'd kill it! :)
  15. Commuter. And weekender.

    On a budget.

    Bandit 1200. Hands down.
  16. I didn't say I was on a budget. Purchasing a new bike and getting rid of the old would raise an eyebrow with her indoors.

    Money is a consideration, but not the deciding factor... to a point.
  17. Okay.

    Not on a budget.

    Same parameters.

    As above.
  18. No budget, yeehah
  19. I'd kill myself on that! :)
  20. You seem to be heavily into the tourers. How tall are you?

    Some people can chuck bikes that size around but something to think about might be both the sportiness, for weekends, and your ability to maneuver easily in traffic on your commute.

    Ride the tourer from each company, see how comfy you are in traffic, parking, and how enjoyable it is for weekends and decide from there.

    I've toured Tassie, Vic, WA etc on a cbr600 2 up..... You can tour on a postie. But if most of your rides are commute and a bit of twisty then you need to easily handle the bike and enjoy it.