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So its a little early but Halloween Party?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Come on freaks I'm planning early and I would like some input what would you go dressed as? I know some of you are hannible enough to go as yourselves and some have a leather thing already so what would you dress as? Pics would be good! :wink:

    Would you prefer a bar situation or house party? or taking over someones house?
  2. Well considering Haloween is a perversion of ancient celtic beleifs and traditions..... i'd go as a highlander or a druid. Asuming i can find a kilt to still fit me :shock:
  3. Nice... just on sizes mate I used to wear a 44 inch kilt and a great big sporin... change yep its for change :LOL: So you should be able to find one.
  4. I thought we were having it at your place Ward 4e? :grin:
    I would probably go as a biker chick..... :roll:
  5. awww... poor effort. BOOOOOO hisss Boooo.... :LOL: :LOL: comon release your freak its halloween no one judgemental on halloween...
  6. i wore kilt and sporran etc for my wedding. "Traditional" style if you get the drift :twisted:

    just not in contact with the place i loaned it from anymore.
  7. Hmmm- have to think of some other leather-clad beastie then....
    last fancy dress party I was a black leather kitty- Catwoman style.
    Might have to do that again?
  8. Dammit that's what I was going to pick ;) :LOL:.

    Would it count as a costume if I dressed as Vic? (though that might take some work).
  9. :eek: dressing as vic... i am leaving that one alone.... :roll: top choice tho :wink:
  10. You coming up from Ballarat for the Halloween party dressed as Vic???
    Can't wait! :LOL:
  11. Yeah I'll travel up with Drew and his Kilt - should make for an interesting trip :LOL:.
  12. If you're dressed like Vic i may have to reconsider and get a chastity belt for OH&S reasons :LOL:
  13. sooo... i've just got my duds all ligned up from the asylum!!!! set up looking hot in a suit and jacket and tie... :wink: now all i need is the mask.... :twisted: I may get some party baloon action going on!

    so now its back you you guy's comon razzzle dazzle me with ideas!!! What would you do or wear to a haloween party!
  14. I said dress like Vic, not act like Vic :LOL: . :bolt:
  15. For all you guys out there not sure of what to wear... I have the perfect.. perfect...outfit for you :angel:



    with this:


    Of course, the costume wouldn't be complete without this: :-w



    Pants are optional.. :cool:
  16. You wear a sword with that dress?

  17. gee i dunno.....the options are endless........
  18. Sheesh man!!!! Have you no knowledge! That DRESS happens to be part of a very delectable 18th century Naval uniform. :cool:
  19. Gotcha :LOL:
  20. "Off with his head!" :twisted: