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So it looks like I need a new tyre...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by demo man, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. This is what I saw, with utter surprise, when I got home from a ride to Bateman's Bay yesterday (from Canberra).

    At the Bay the tyre looked like this:

    Kinda weird - tyre is getting way hot and the rubber must be essentially melting, and then reforming as you can see in weird bumps when it cools a bit. It looked like this last time I went for a long ride through twisties too. It didn't however, look like this last time:

    And at home like this:

    I knew it was close to the end of it's life, the guy who owned the bike before me had clearly done a few burnouts and such, so it was pretty worn on the middle, plenty left on the edges though. I thought I had a bit more left though - poor judgement on my part eh! I knew I was giving it some grief on the twisties, but that's what they're meant for, right?

    Anyway - new tyre ASAP, I want to get riding again.[/img]

  2. That's not riding damage. You've picked up something which has scored out the middle centimetre of the tyre, or you've got something stuck between the wheel and the guard and it's done the same thing. I'd be looking for a bolt loose under the guard, or the like.
  3. Yeah, it's quite a groove. Not even a burnout left in it.
  4. Now that you've suggested that, I think that that's the only possibility.

    After closer inspection (Me crawling around with a torch), I think something must be rubbing right in the middle/centre there, as the middle is actually worn more than the rubber to either side of it. There is an obvious 'groove', rather than just extreme wear.

    while I was crawling around with my torch, I couldn't see anything that could have rubbed in such a particular way. I also noted that the tyre is now flat.

    Oh - and I don't get those bumps (as per first pic) on normal commuting rides, just when I'm really pushing.

    Hrmm. Not great.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Lean a bit and there could be a few seconds worth :grin:
  6. COOL ! They make pin-stripes for tyres now ? :?
  7. I have done the same before. Once tire wear reaches a certain point, you get to the "soft rubber" just before the tire belts which wears down very quickly. Scary when you see it!
  8. Have you done a burnout on it when it was newer even a small burn out can produce enough heat to cause separation from rubber and belt then when you get down to the last 1-2mm it shreds if it was rubbing on something you would smell the burning or see burnt rubber stuck to the guard or under the duck-tail and when you pulled up you would have smelt it for sure ...
    Buy the way nice strip you could sell the tire to KFC :LOL: