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So I'm wondering if riding is for me...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gurbachen, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. The title says it all, I'm beginning to doubt whether I'm really all that into riding after all, or maybe if I'm just bored of my bike already (Royal Enfield). I'm just not motivated to ride, and ever since I started riding to/from work, I don't think I've been out for a single recreational ride. The sheer number of times I've considered selling my stupid bike makes me think that maybe it's just the bike I'm over.

    It's sure given me my fair share of headaches. Most recently it tried to break my leg (for the umpteenth time) when I tried to kickstart it (to spare the battery the effort of electric start since it decides to die all the time) then tried to plant itself in my friends garden while I hobbled around swearing. Often when I'm riding, well almost all the time really, I feel...well it depends on the day, sometimes 'bored' is the right word, sometimes 'calm' carries the correct connotations. My breathing and heart rate drop to glacial speeds, and I find myself trundling along kind of idly looking at buildings and thinking random thoughts. Whether this is a sign that I'm fully relaxed and at peace while riding, or if I'm just bored, well the jury's still out on that, but it makes me wonder whether I'm really enjoying it, or if I just claim to.

    I was quite disappointed yesterday to discover that the posted top speed in the manual and online (130kmph) was actually quite accurate (I had hoped it was a conservative estimate). With medium wind on the freeway towards Werribee, 5th gear and the throttle all the way, it gets to 115-ish just fine but after that it's a slow and dismal climb to 125-ish which was all I was game to try given the RE reputation of blowing up. Not to mention the fact that at 100+, the bike gets very vibratey, to the point of discomfort. After my half hour ride there my hands were fairly killing me, as well as my legs from trying to grip the bike hard enough to stop it from phase-shifting to another dimension out of pure vibration power. Of course, those figures are not kilometres per hour since that would be illegal.

    Maybe I'd be happier on something faster? My bike is quite nimble and rather spritely before getting near top speed, and though I wouldn't fling it around a race track it's no two wheeled boat either. But perhaps having access to kitten killing powers over 130 would put a little feeling back into it. Still not sure I could see myself on a sports bike though, so if I ended up on a cruiser I may feel the exact same way. I think I could still get fairly close to what I paid for mine, since i've only put ~1400km on the clock, so if I wanted to sell it sooner is probably better than later... There's also the fact that I'm losing my car within a week or two (it's a spare company car from my dads' business which he's just sold, and the cars were part of the deal), and I'm not sure if I could tolerate this bike being my only means of transportation.

    Maybe I'm just being a drama queen because I'm tired and it's 6am, but then again, maybe not.

    Not a whole lot of point to this post, and I apologise if it's in the wrong forum, seemed a fairly generalised biatch fest so I wasn't sure where to place it.

    tl;dr big whiny post about whether or not to sell my bike :-({|=
  2. I think you need to try a better bike first before you give riding away.

    However this is a little disturbing. You can get away with that in a cage but not on a bike. You have to give your full attention to riding, scanning the road ahead for dangers, vehicles on side roads, watching your mirrors etc.
  3. get a nice 600 inline 4. you will have a blast. I got an R1, but it sucks most of the time cause im barely hitting 5k rpm
  4. I bought a 10 year old Fireblade (924), and it is the best $5 grand or so I have *ever* spent. Sure we will probably die and certainly get a few more scars, sure it sucks when it rains, sure its hard to make out on the backseat of a bike... but when you twist your wrist and your head wants to fly off the back of the bike (for all of the second or so takes to get to the posted speed limit of course), and you are hanging on for dear life, its frigging awesome. I look like The Joker every time I take my helmet off, and I didn't need to fall in a vat of radioactive sludge.

    Get something with some punch, if you get bored of that, you might as well take up skydiving without a parachute. Mine is a bit painful in peak hour, she gets grumpy going under 20km/h, but that is a good reason to never go 20km/h anywhere.
  5. I've seen a Royal Enfield or two, actually know if theres one coming with the slow thump thump thump engine noise.....they seem very sedate, and I think I would get quickly bored if I rode one too. It would be good if you could try out other bikes somehow just to see what the difference is in feel and handling before making your mind up.
  6. Have you popped down to a monday coffee in williamstown and spoken to see how other people think about bikes etc. Maybe they approach it differently.
  7. Just a thought, but if you'd made up your mind already the RE would be in the For Sale section and you wouldn't want to discuss it.
    It sounds to me like you want to be told it's the bike, because you really want to enjoy your riding....
  8. You buy one of the worst handling, slowest bikes of all time (admittedly cool-looking), you never take a recreational ride... and you wonder whether riding is for you?

    My guess is probably not. But FFS just borrow or rent a good, modern bike for a day, ride up to the top of Hotham and back, and then make a decision. You haven't even experienced riding yet.

    (FWIW I was once like you).
  9. it's not you, it's the bike
  10. Brother, you need to do some ****ing wheelies.

    Go and buy a hoon-spec R1, gixxer (or gizzer lol) thou, fireblade, whatever just go and get some big lairy hoony **** off scary bike and do some wheelies in some school zones in front of girls high schools.

    That always gets me back into riding (dispite not having a big lairy hoon spec thou - but that's not the point). the point is, you need to get your testosterone pumping. Go and have sex with whatever it is you have sex with, do some weights, eat a steak and go and do some wheelies.

    Man the **** up boy. GO AND DO SOME WHEELIES.
  11. And a few stoppies will put some hair on your chest too. In shorts. With only your right glove.
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  12. Sell it buy another, bikes are cheap.
  13. Take it for a blast in the hills, if you still don't like it grab a better bike and repeat. If you still don't like it MCs might not be for you.
  14. I think you need something with a bit more balls. Why did you buy a RE in the first place? I'll bet it has to do with some sort of nostalgic reason. A company that's as old as the wheel itself, steeped in tradition. A real vintage appeal type thing. I understand that completely. But they were never bikes that had some major performance prowess. Go test ride something that you know will scare the pi$$ out of you. Like a dirty 1000cc twin or something, and if, after that, and you have mopped yourself up, you still feel biking isn't for you, then it probably isn't.
  15. Go for a ride on an actual bike of the modern era, before you give it up. Owning a royal enfield, unless you're a collector or into old shItheaps, will never be a pleasant experience.
  16. Hmm..dont know what to say.

    But if dont enjoy your time on the bike, if you dont feel a rush, thrill, excitement, a sense of euphoria THEN probably it is not for you.

    IMHO, RE's are good bikes but maybe try out a different bike. Riding itself is to be enjoyed rather than JUST speed. Although if speed gives you that ultimate rush, then go for track days.

    My 2c.
  17. I had bad sex once, doesn't mean I gave up rooting though. Sometimes it pays to change the model and sometimes it pays to change your riding style.
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  18. Couldn't have worded it better. :rofl:
  19. Just once? Go on...
  20. I agree with most responses in the thread that you should get a more modern bike and do some wheelies. It doesn't sound like you 'love' your bike as a normal rider should.

    Its a bit strange that you've never gone on a recreational ride and you've only done 1400km.. How do you expect to bond with the bike? I rode a few scooters sometime ago while overseas.. sure they were < 100cc and slow, but a whole lot of fun and I didn't want to give back the keys.. Perhaps you should tell us how you normally have fun..