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so I'm thinking of buying a Hyosung 250R...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Word_a_Mowf, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Got my licence about 2 weeks ago, and just got the funds.

    Pros = every person I have spoken to , that knows someone with the Hyo 250R, or that OWNS the bike...loves it...(value for money, etc..)

    Cons = every person that I have spoken to that has only HEARD about Hysoung's....HATES them...

    As I plan to keep the bike for longer than 12 months...I have decided upon a brand new/recent Hyosung, as opposed to a 20 year old Honda or a Kwaka.

    I hardly have time to breathe coz of work, let alone do maintenance work on a bike.

    Hence the brand new option.

    Am I silly for buying a brand new Hyo?

    Maybe so...

    but 2 year warranty, and around $6000 ON ROAD...for a BRAND NEW 250...can't beat it...( have already got a quote for an ON ROAD price)

    especially when there is clowns out there selling 1990 model CBR's for $6000...with the alleged...50,000kms

    Who knows...might end up buying a CBR 250rr one day...for nostalgic reasons

  2. Go for it, nothing wrong with them and they are only getting better. Too many critics of these bikes. Best value money 250 on the market by a mile.
    Go tomorrow and order one and dont waste anymore time without a bike.. :grin:
  3. Buy two, you might keep one running.
  4. :rofl:

    loz=>search=>hyosung=>attack :LOL:
  5. hahaha


    I actually like them.

    The way they look, the way they're fitted out, value for money is second to none...well...the VTR250's are a decent price...and very good bikes...

    will I get a Hyo?

    hell yes I will

    and if it f*cks up??

    there's always the 2 year warranty to back me...

    money's not an issue

    thanks guys :)
  6. Well this dude clearly hasn't come here for advice, he's come for validation of a turd decision. If he'd asked for advice, I would have said "save your money, nobody is impressed by a shiny cheap-arse korean Dayona ripoff, you'll drop and scratch whatever you buy, so make it something older, cheaper, a bit scruffy but reliable instead of a widely known lemon you can't resist because you think all that shiny plastic will make you look cooler."

    But he didn't, so I'll take a gleeful little shot and sit back and make a note to watch this next little Hyosung story develop.
  7. come 'ere *insert hair roughing emoticon* :LOL:

    bah, im drunk
  8. No offence Loz...but I've had PLENTY of advice...

    a turd decision?? c'mon man...you can do better than that?

    What SHOULD I get, instead of a brand new bike, with a 2 year warranty that just keeps getting better with time??

    I'm ALWAYS open to suggestions...and believe or not, I take good advice and suugestion on board ALL the time.....

    do enlighten me

  9. Of the ones I've ridden and know a bit about, my opinion would be:

    VTR > GPX/ZZR > Spada > GSXF > GSF > CBR > ZXR > FZR > GT/GTR > CB > Honda/Kawasaki mini cruiser > V-Rag

    It's worth mentioning that the CBR, ZXR and FZR are all decent, even great bikes if you find a really good one, but they're no good for learners IMO, they don't make life easy at all or inspire a lot of confidence.

    If you have the cash, and you want a reliable, comfortable, versatile, insanely fun and good looking bike that will make a good rider out of you quicker, you can't beat a VTR. Ride one back to back with a Hyo, I don't think you'd need much experience with bikes to be able to tell the difference in quality of construction and equipment, and they're not much more expensive even brand new.

    Personally I'd get a second hand one that's already got a few dinosaur bumps and scratches, because you learn both riding and crashing on your first bike.

    Or, buy a Hyosung, you might luck up, who knows. (keeps straight face)
  10. I'm with loz on this, buy a second hand bike and learn to fix it yourself, learn to service it, learn to work out whats wrong with it. You will love your bike so much more when its actually your pride and joy.

    If you really don't have time to look after and care for your bike like it should be, then do you have time to be having fun on your bike? If you are using it as a cheap commute to work, try something else, like a cbr125, ct110, or even a scooter. What you seem to want out of a bike is something that looks good, and you don't have to worry about it. I'm hard pressed to find an example where you get a guarantee of both. Bikes are work.
  11. The 650s are generally the ones with the worst rep..

    The 250s seem to have been given a clean bill of health.

    Besides, with a 2 year warranty you won't have to deal with it if it goes poof (hehe, poof) without warranty.
  12. Don't Do It :!:

    Well value for money wise it'd be good, having warranty and all.
    There are 15yr old bikes out there that are better.
  13. The problem with the warranty is that a lot of the parts take an stupidly long amount of time to get here... Plus they have a immense markup on parts, I just serviced mine (a 650) and the oil filters are $30 each, needless to say I've just ordered 3 from Korea for $13 each.
  14. +1 I buy the spares from Richard Jordan in Korea (cheaper and quicker) :D
  15. just get it, theyre nice bikes and i reckon its gonna be more reliable than a 19 yo bike with 19 owners and alot of k's
  16. I think it's mostly the 650s that are/were causing problems, most owners seem happy with their 250s and I agree - I'd rather go for a new bike under warranty than a second-hand one which is always a bit of a gamble. All the same, if you don't have time to mess around with your bike you probably aren't going to appreciate frequent trips to the dealer either. If you put a high premium on your time and convenience it might've been wiser to spend that bit extra and get a brand spanking new VTR...
  17. Or GPX or ZZR
  18. I agree with the "new" argument, sometimes spending a little more up front can be better in the long run.

    But the last post raises a fair question, besides appearance what is better about the hyosung than the GPX?

    I imgine he ride away price on both would be similar.

  19. Hey bloke, end of the day, it's your decision, and people shouldn't be so NARCy when you don't agree with their opinion, or take it on, after all, it is freedom of choice that makes us individuals.

    Although I'm not a fan of them, they are getting better, and even last months AMCT says that.

    I'll give you my opinion, and see how you go.
    I'm not a fan of 250's, and wouldn't buy one new. My reason for this is, you're only limited to 250 for a certain time, and after a while, you'll want something bigger/faster/nicer. I think you should save your $$ and buy something neat, but 2nd hand. Plenty of 250's out there that have low enough kms and have been looked after. ZZR springs to mind.

    Then you've got extra coin in your pocket when u upgrade. Plus, The Hyosungs don't have the best resale value, and as you will want to upgrade one day, that's a big issue.

    And also, aslong as you got 2 wheels under you, you're off my hit list, haha
  20. And also, Suzuki source parts from Hyosung and vice versa!!!!