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So i'm thinking about moving to Darlington, Sydney.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. ... and the house is around the corner from 'The Block.'

    For those that don't know the area, i'm not talking about the TV show. It's a notorious slum in an inner city suburb - an Aboriginal community that even the local police never go into. Birthplace of the Redfern Riots and other prestigious Sydney events.

    Obviously, i'm worried about parking the bike on the street (street parking only). Whilst the house is extremely nice, this factor keeps nagging my mind.

    For those that have had similar experience with your bikes, is it enough to put a cover on, and buy an alarm? Does out of sight of mind actually work in this case?

    NR please let me know your opinions!

  2. In my opinion you have a very good reason to be worried. The area is not safe at night and not great for parking bikes in daytime either, as there are a lot of parking activities going on so the risk of your bike getting backed into is very real as well.
  3. I lived in the area for many years up until a couple of years ago. I think your main worry should be vandalism as opposed to theft. Is there no way you can park the bike off the street?

    Pushing a bike over can seem like a good idea to a pi**ed idiot with an chip on their shoulder.

    I have very fond memories of living in and around Redfern, and I never had a problem with the locals. Good luck!
  4. Well lit street with regular activity is not an ideal location for a theif. You are worse off in a shared underground parking. But yes your bike will probably get knocked over.

    Remember CCTV cameras are your best friends. Locate all the obvious ones near your house and always park near one.
  5. A socialist leaning mate I went to uni with in the late 80s finished his Behavioural Science degree and moved into a rental place near The Block to show his solidarity with the plight of the black brothers. After his place was broken into several times and his stuff nicked, he decided he would show solidarity from a distance. That was a fair while ago though.
  6. The block is long gone. The locals have been moved to other areas, Waterloo being one of them. So don't worry about that.

    But as stated before, your main problem might be the bike being backed into.
  7. Redfern Station is a zoo 24/7 i wouldn't park a bike in the street anywhere in that postcode
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    The block was demolished soon after the riots. The chippendale area between Redfern station and city road/king St shouldn't have many problems.

  9. Get a ramp so you can ride up the steps of yor house and park in the lounge room where you can watch you bike lovingly instead of a TV.

    problem solvered !
  10. Chippendale is not Darlington :) And true, the Block itself has been mostly emptied and the area is getting more gentrified every year but make no mistake, it is still pretty seedy at times.
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    I was approximating, they're skull pretty close packed.

  12. Yeah they moved some of the block residents out mount druitt way aswell built brand new townhouses for them in the crappiest part of this place
  13. I had a vfr for two years when I lived a block behind the fountain in kings cross. I thought it would be stolen or knocked over for sure.

    It was moved twice as parked too close to cars and the cover was stolen once. I think a cover helps a lot as drunks won't think to sit on it.

  14. That's exactly how the Block started as well. Not to worry, they'll turn these townhouses into crap soon enough.
  15. Is this Dharruk and the surrounds? Shalvey etc.
  16. So the main gist is idiots knocking the bike over other than having it stolen. It doesn't seem as bad as it was, i worked at the Carriageworks in 2010 / 2011 with a lot of late nights, and never had a problem going over to Redfern station. Hence why i thought it's not as bad a place these days.

    Thanks all.
  17. I had forgotten where i read it, but i read that a cover goes a long way when it comes to drunk idiots who'd otherwise want to sit on an uncovered bike. Seems like if they can't see it, they don't bother.

    It's just the hobos who will steal the cover and use it as a blanket.
  18. Yeah bidwill areas houso section
  19. personally i wouldnt live there if i couldnt park off street, if you have to move and its between keeping the bike on the street or not having a bike i would just keep the bike and get comprehensive insurance and a disc lock and a big chain and lock. Get an alarmed lock by xena, stick it on your disc. use the chain to either bolt the bike to a telegraph pole, street sign (not to one that sits in dirt though), or anything else immoveable. Failing that, wrap it around one of your wheels and a part of your frame, i used to do extractors and front wheel on my old bike.

    Also get a cover, use the chain to secure the cover if you can, my oxford cover had holes for your to thread a chain through at the front and rear of the cover.

    Thats what i did when i lived in a dodgey part of canberra. i think my oxford huge chain and bolt were like 100, xena disc lock was 60(buy the smallest, your buying it for the sound so you can go beat the guy with a baseball back, you dont need massive protection from the bigger locks) and my cover was like 100 or something, it was oxford, the waterproof one.

    That should do it, if you do that i doubt your bike will get stolen, leaving the chain and cover around the pole are a good way to reserve your own spot out the front of your apartment too :p

    EDIT: i go to usyd which is in darlington and so far in the last 6 months i have had no issues besides my gloves being stolen, pro tip, dont keep shit on your bike in this area.
  20. The chances of vandalism/theft will increase proportionally to the distance to housing commission flats