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So I'm stuck on the side of westgate freeway

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yian, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Riding along minding my own business when I hear this almighty bang. Scared the crap outta me but the bike seems fine. Gave it a little wiggle, nope nothing seems wrong.

    Rode a little further... "Hrmmm bike seems bit sloppy now". Went to overtake a car and yep bike definitely feels odd. Pull over on the centre median and what do you know, bloody rear tyre puncture. Mustve been a big ****off nail coz it left a decent sized hole in my tyre.

    Problem is I'm stuck in the middle of the freeway with nowhere to go with trucks hurtling pass me at 100km/h +. can't take a piss, can't get food, can't get a drink can't nothing coz I've got no way of crossing the freeway on peak hour.

    What would I do without Netrider?
  2. Jump in front of one of the trucks most likely!

    Am way too far away to help mate, but got assistance coming yet?
  3. Yea Racv sending a tow truck. An hour they said... Fingers crossed coz it's actually bloody cold here even with the gear on
  4. You pulled to the right of the freeway? Bugger.

    Call Race Replica 93180004. They are 5 - 10 minutes away and see whether they'll recover you for a bit of quid pro quo on a new rear. I think they still have a big van set up for bike moving.

    Or given that your tyre is stuffed, ride the bike with CARE AND CAUTION with your weight forward so that you can get away from the dangerous position and get yourself to Race Rep.

    RACV or a mob like motorcycle transport logistics or a mate with a trailer are other options.
  5. No choice rob. I was in the right lane when the bike started feeling real sloppy. Just had to pull in before something bad happened. Racv is on the way so might as well wait
  6. mmm, have you seen the movie "The Terminal"??? :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Damn. That sounds bad. Have you got it sorted now?
  8. Yea home safe and sound now. Thumbs up to the dudes at city west yamaha who slotted me in straight away to get me sorted and home :)
  9. But you had to get the tow truck to get you there, didnt you? How much did that cost you (If you dont mind me asking, that is)?

    Just want to get info so I know what to do if this happens to me.
  10. Racv total care for my car, and they cover any vehicle that I operate
  11. Glad it all worked out for you well and your safe!
  12. Glad you got home safe. I've spent about $250 in three years on removing about six nails from my rear (and only ever the rear) tyre. Luckily I've never lost an entire tyre to a nail but it's come close. Bloody tradies who don't secure their loads, if I was to inconvenience them as much as they've inconvenienced me, they'd be crying blue murder!
  13. Yian, what part of the road were you riding on when you picked up the nail?
  14. Captain Slow - I picked up three punctures in <two years due to living near a metal recyclers. Me and the GF now have Swann Insurances Tyre and Rim insurance which is off the top of my head just over $400 for three years. We have both had to use it since getting it! You get two tyres a year cover. I highly recommend looking into it!
  15. Glad it all worked out mate......what a shitty situation to find oneself....

    I love the fact that you though to post a thread midst crisis.....gold!
    Now that is dedication to Netrider presence.
  16. Gotta love Total Care. Took the bike and me home from Toorak to Dandy South (where I leave the bike for repairs) for nix. One tow and it's paid for itself. I upgraded from Roadside Care when I got the bike so both would be covered.
  17. Is it possible to get some more info on this package? :)

    Thanks in advance.
  18. Thanks Cheeba, sounds like a good idea!
  19. I too have Total Care. My mates brother had it when we did a big Snowy ride. Had 2 bikes with dramas & he got them both towed at no cost. Also covered some accomodation too. Needless to say I joined soon after.