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So I'm new.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by joeldecai, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. On my L's, live in Gladstone in Central Queensland which is essentially a town built between a bunch of smelters full of Maloo's and Range Rovers. And pollution.

    Currently have a CBF250 which is slow but it's cheap and compared to the 15L/100 of fuel my car drinks, it's rather economical.

    And I have a short attention span for vehicles. Hence after have the bike a few weeks it's pretty much been stripped and put back together, cut baffles out of the exhaust and cut the bottleneck out of it, took off the intake tubes and made a custom airfilter for it etc. Do valve clearances next between other projects.

    And I make cheeseburgers for a living. So if you ever want to know whats really in your Big Mac..yeah don't ask.
  2. Howdy and welcome! Are you going to post pics of your bike?

    Oh...and what's in the cheeseburger meat? ;)
  3. Hey mate. Welcome.
    Oh and what's in that 'special sauce'?
  4. Cheese burger meat is hugely watered down. The amount of fat that comes out of it is impressive to say the least.

    Best fun is people saying they are allergic to pickles and then buying Big Macs. Death soon follows.

    And no pics til I get my phone repaired unfortunatley.
  5. *Nods* and stays away from the Maccas.

    Welcome in.
  6. Welcome mate.
  7. G'day bud and welcome. Enjoy the forum.

    PS - I think Maccas shares just hit rock-bottom (y)
  8. Welcome and enjoy, best ever bike forum!
  9. We welcome all riders here, but a Maccas bloke stretches the friendship :LOL:

    just kidding, of course, enjoy the boards :)