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So I'm looking like an idiot again....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mormegil, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I figured I'd try out riding with my mp3 player. Lots of people do it and seem to like it and I have a set of earbud headphones (the $30 creative labs ones from Dick Smith). What could go wrong?

    Helmet fits fine, no problems with sound, I'm riding away from work and there's very little wind noise and it isn't a major distraction.

    Then I hit a set of lights and we're banked up. For the first time ever another rider pulls up next to me and starts a conversation.

    So if you ride a brand new green z750 and you tried to chat to a guy on a yellow sv650 at Kelvin Grove this afternoon and he just sort of smiled and nodded like a twit, that would be me. Nice bike by the way.
  2. The trick is to point to your ears..

    Or yell ipod

    They understand :)
  3. :LOL: its even funnier when you get pulled over for breatho and you cant hear a word there saying lol just hope you dont say yes to *have you been drinking tonight*
  4. has happened to me many times. I wear ear plugs.

    I just speak real loud and pretend i hear them :)
  5. as stated.. point to your ears. most riders will know you have plugs of some kind in your ear and just give you a thumbs up, then it comes back to hand signals AKA the motorcyclist sign language.
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. reminds me of a story my pop told me.
    about 30 years ago he got pulled over for running a stop sign.when the cop spoke to him he pretended he was deaf so the cop started doing sign language :LOL:
    he got the ticket and was told 'thats not very nice'.
  8. HAHAHAHA That's gold :LOL:

    On another note ARE you allowed to ride/ get your license nowadays if you're deaf? :?: I'm guessing not...
  9. When I ride with my pod in I usually just do one earbud... means I can listen to my music /and/ talk to fellow riders :)
  10. Apparently you can

    "hearing impaired individuals and those who are
    profoundly deaf are permitted to hold a full driving licence in Australia and many other overseas
    jurisdictions [1, 2]. The limited research completed into the driving ability of hearing impaired or deaf
    drivers has in fact indicated that deaf drivers have fewer reported driving violations than hearing
  11. Why wouldn't deaf folk , hearing impaired individuals ,be permitted to ride?
    If you can ride around listening to music with a helmet on what's the dif ??
    Never understood the music while riding thing. :oops:
  12. :shock: Equal opportunity, I suppose.

    But what happens if you're honked at and you don't know that you are? (ipod/ear plugs users not withstanding)?

    How very strange, I don't think you're allowed to get licenses in Singapore/Msia if you're deaf.
  13. I spose they're more likely to be much more careful drivers and not do anything that would result in them getting honked, which the lack of driving violations would partially indicate (though not get tickets doesn't automatically equal safe driver.)
  14. Now l;et me say first I have no problem with deaf people driving.
    My only question is what about the fact that they are not capable of hearing sirens / horns?

    I know personally that audible indicators are a "clue" I use. I hear a siren, I start looking for a big red truck. (If it's a white car / van and I hear a siren it's usually too late! :p )
  15. Speaking from experience, you must be one of the only ones! I'm willing to bet that the majority of the time the deaf person move just as well as someone like yourself.

    Apparently the other senses pick up the slack when you are missing another, in this case deaf people are able to pick up subtleties with their eyes that people with hearing will miss, their life depends on it.

    Most people are so into what they are doing they are oblivious to what is going on outside their car..... and then there are those that are just plain stupid. :evil:
  16. Yeah, happens to me all the time cos I always wear earplugs.
    To make matters worse i also have a mirrored visor (can't even smile back). I just nod and give em the thumbs up.
  17. [freddy] your right about people having hightened senses when they are missing others.my cousin is deaf and he drives a car.even been in the car a few times while hes driven and he sees things that i dont.hes constantly scanning his entire surroundings an seems to be quite competent.
  18. Of course you can get a licence, my GF (who is Deaf) has driven since she was legally able to - don't start her talking about the urine test she was asked to submit - like THAT's supposed to help FFS :roll: , there is also at least one NR I know of that is Deaf and rides, I've also ridden with a number of Deaf riders who don't have any issues.
  19. Ok, this may be a dumb question, but what has a urine test have to do with a person's ability to ride? or drive.
  20. Exactly, that's my point and what's what she said to Vicroads, in no uncertain tones and terms either. They reneged and she didn't have to provide one in the end. She's done a few little 'test-rides' on off-street areas and the next step is to get her bike licence when she is ready.