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So im gonna look for a bike tommorrow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. The guy from work said he knows a few people from back in his riding days. I was happy about this...
    Well, then he tells me later that 1 of the guys he was referring too is no longer working there.. and the other guy he referred me to he said " well if he remembers me" :roll:
    Er anyway

    all these along maroondah hwy (yes i cant spell)
    Nova Honda
    Peter stevens ( dont you guys just hate on the CBD ones?)
    A1 motor cycles

    and some other ones along the same stretch i think... :?:
    i got no idea about bikes :cry:
  2. I liked A1 at Ringwood, the guys in there were great. Also Geoff Taylor at Dandenong are pretty good
  3. the guys at A1 are good - they won't try to sell you the wrong bike (for you). And they will provide decent advice. People at clipstone yamaha and honda - wasn't too impressed with their service when I was out looking for a bike. They didnt really tell me anything (but still, it was good to look at the bikes and get an idea of pricing). Peter Steven's were ok as well.

    Have fun!

    p.s. given you are in kew - you may also want to check out RedWing Honda in Heidelberg - not too far away. They are quite friendly there I found - though I have only been there looking for parts or gear (not bikes).
  4. You looking at buying new or used? - if used, Gassit in Fairfield isn't far from Kew.

  5. Thanks, first stop A1 !

    used bike btw
  6. Action Motorcycles in the city , up near the round about at the top of elizabethy oppisite the dental hospital , in the service road .
    Ask for Daryl , he is the store manager for there stores.
    I bought my sorm there .

    are you after a 250 or bigger ?
  7. Hey Mat. I've spoken to Gassit in Fairfield and they seemed fairly helpful over the phone. I haven't popped in to visit them though.

    I found the guys at A1 Ringwood are helpful and will let those on L's test-ride bikes - which is often like extracting teeth with many other places.
  8. Of the Maroondah highway bunch in Ringwood, I can recommend the guys at A1

    I recently bought my bike from them, and I can vouch for the good service.

    Good luck with the hunt for a new bike!

  9. Heartily recommend A1 both for buying and repairing.
  10. I'll put in a vote for Gassit in Fairfield - haven't bought a bike from them, but they've only done right by me so far.

  11. A1 seems to be getting better and better

    Im on L's and buying 250, only ridden dirt bikes but want a road bike, hehe should be fun

    i'll probaly check out the other places you guys mentioned before i decide on a bike!!