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SO....I wrecked the plastics on my bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Envy-t, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Cup day I was forced off the road, plastics on the F2 were buggered. So I chanced an Ebay fairing kit and it arrived yesterday. What do you think?

    from this....


    To this....


    To this.

    619aus delivered
  2. Oh I'm so sorry.....

    I love the new look! Don't quite know why but the darker (charcoal?) scheme looks horn.
  3. Ohh yeah much better!

    It looks a bit more sinister now doesn't it :biker:

    How did the fitting go, any dramas?
  4. oh bugger about the off, but i am with others a big improvement =D>
  5. Fitting took 2 muppets ( thanks Steve lol ) just on 7 hours. This included Pizza for dinner, bursts of uncontrollable laughter, which left us unable to move for 10 minutes! We also fitted front rear Hel Braided lines, bled them and now there is 1mm of leaver movement before engagement!

    4 holes needed modifying, 2 so I could use the factory quick release screws for the rear fairings and 2 so I could fit the quick release screw to the other fairing.

  6. For $620 sounds like the fairings are a bit of a steal!

    Gotta love braided lines and a brake bleed too, massive difference!
  7. Huge improvement! looks much more modern.
  8. big improvement.
  9. looks awesome!!
  10. Thanks people. I actually shuddered this morning as I took it out thinking it looked fantastic under fluoro lights but would look like a ripe banana in the sunlight. To say I am surprised and happy is an understatement.
  11. Can I ask how you changed the colour of the tank too?
    I've never seen fairing kits that include a tank, or tank cover etc

    Looks heaps better too (even from before the crash ;))

  12. Thats one hell of a kit..

    Only $299US if you dont count delivery.. thats insane

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was around $1400 to buy locally

  13. Around 900 from delkivic I believe, but they only carry later model kits.
  14. Bit poofy.
  15. That looks really good. Was going to ask how you transformed the tank as well but that's been covered.

    Great price too.
  16. The bike looks excellent, modern and racy (if there's such a word), yes, happy would be an understatement. I never knew such thing as "ABS plastic cover", is it a stick on that's easily removed?
  17. New bike. Good move.
  18. There were kits without the tank cover aswell, but according to mates the colours are way way off factory, so trying to match, You end up with a rainbow of colour.

    It slides over the top and is bolted down using the factory 2 points.
  19. Sorry about the off mate .. but WOW! a huge improvement IMHO.
    Looks Great!