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So I witnessed a 4wd run someone off the road

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gavinl, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. The victim was a navy blue late model BMW. The fcukwit in 4wd was oblivious (natural state) so he crossed a single white line, (offense 1), failure to indicate (offence 2) then had the balls to keep on trucking whilst the victim locked up his brakes in the median of the western highway to avoid getting sideswiped and stopped off-road, arguably in a place that mr 4wd would not dare risk scratching his chariot.

    I asked the wife to take pictures of mr off-road which she did of his number plate and we both saw the clown behind the wheel. Is it worth reporting an attempted murder by retardation, or how do we report it? The clown had the grace to look annoyed as we overtook as though it wasn't his fault he was the dopiest clown on the road today.
  2. If you are prepared to make a statement, go to your local police station.
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  3. did you talk to Mr BMW? cops probably wouldn't give a stuff if you reported it yourself as you weren't directly involved, but if he does you can be his witness
  4. is it worth reporting?
    Only if you have nothing else to do.
    I installed a dashcam in my wifes car after a truck nearly wiped her out. Anyway we had video of some young dickheads throwing a beer can at the car as they passed us, took it to the police, they did like the video but said it didn't show any of their faces so they couldn't really prove who done it unless they confessed. They said they would try for a confession but failing that they couldn't do much, we haven't heard anything back and that must getting close to a year ago.
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  5. I had someone toss a can of red bull at my rented car. It would have been nice to confront them but honestly who would the law favour after a confrontation.
  6. We were in the old XG falcon ute at that time, i was driving and we had a load of sand in the back, my wife wanted to chase them lol, but chasing wasn't an option. Her choice of words in the video left her a little red faced from embarrassment at the police station . :D
  7. 1. Get yourself a GoPro

    2. Walk into a Police station and say you want to report 'attempted murder by retardation'

    3. Post footage on NR
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