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So i went to get fuel for the bike ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MelbourneMick, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. ....this morning at the corner of White St and Boundary Rd Mordialloc.
    Kinda got sidetracked
    the following occured.


  2. Is that all?? :p

    Clearly you had a great ride! Can see the grin from here.
  3. Nice one Mick !
    Did something similar myself the other day, only that I extended down to Sorrento Pier then backtracked toward Rosebud West, before turning right for Boneo, Cape Schank, Flinders etc.

    Love riding the 'sheila'. Peninsula, that is... :D
  4. well i did have to make it back for work hahaha. tough call to turn aaround when i did though

    Loved the hairpins on Arthurs Seat knowing what I know now. unfortunately there has been some grading roadwork going on and the outer edges are a touch sandy with gravel
  5. Cheers Nickers
    I love it down 'The Pen' haha. The weather can change pretty quick though. At Flinders i was going to take the fun little rd to Cape Shank but headed back towards red Hill to beat the rain clouds. Once over at Dromana it was clear skys again...a little bit of drizzle in Mornington but otherwise a fun ride.
  6. hehe. Nice one Mick. It's good to make sure that the fuel is of good quality.
  7. Hahahaha Sounds like me. Went to take the bike for a test ride to make sure she was running good after getting the clutch fixed on Wednesday & ended up riding down to Dromana & back taking the beach roads.
  8. I had lunch at the Pig and Whistle (?) a couple of weeks ago, so I can see how Arthurs Seat could chew up a few hours...
  9. so did you get fuel before or after?? That made me laugh mate, thanks!
  10. how many names are there for the peninsula??
  11. gets crowded on a good dayn on a weekend so a monday morning i was on my pat malone...brilliant

    i got fuel in Mordi just turned left instead of right at the roundabout.
    oh thanks for the reminder...i need fuel again

  12. I LOVE "I just went out for Milk/Fuel/Cigarettes/xxx" threads :LOL:
  13. make every ride an adventure !
  14. Correct!
  15. Should've at least done Boneo road - I mean you were there already.
  16. Should've at least done Boneo road - I mean you were there already.:wink:
  17. on the cards for next time, i will do Boneo rd and down to Portsea....eat a chicken parma and return
  18. for breakfast?
  19. you say that like it is a bad thing!
    next time i will have the day off i will stop for Parma

    otherwise i will do the extended run all before work on a week day
  20. So who does Parma at Portsea?