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So i went to Elizabeth St today to look at bikes...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by noobrider, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. As i was in the city i decided to go to check out some bikes, as im getting my L's this w/e.
    I started at the Yamaha store and then the Honda and then Kawasaki... but i seemed to go by like some kind of urban ninja, completely unnoticed and ignored then as i walked further up i went into a second hand place... and they were very friendly and helpful... is their any reason why i had to stand there looking for 20 mins and finally approach a salesperson to ask about some bikes/stock/sit on a bike etc at the dealerships? i was so surprised, you would think they want to make sales 0_o?

  2. its because the bike sells itself =]

    its like how a girl walks into the bra n panties sections.. you dont go up to them and ask if they need a hand. when you know girls have so much more clothing than we do.

    but if you do need help just walk up and ask them =]
  3. I was just quite shocked in someways, working in hospitality and sales was expecting a warmer reception :p for some reason the 2nd hand places i went to were always awesome but the new seemed on the snobby side :p
  4. i understand from hospitality and sales. yes we serve the customer and live up to their expectations.

    wat bike are you looking at to buy?
  5. prob leaning towards getting a 250 rather than a cb400/gs500 or whatnot... like maybe a cbr250rr or zx-2r
  6. seems to be part of the game they play. places like JB hifi do the same. must teach them at salesman school.
    pity JohnnyO stopped selling bikes.
  7. I'm not defending sloppy salesmanship, but put yourself in their position for a moment. Hundreds of people a day walk in a drool over things they have no intention of buying, or worse, are just checking out so they can buy them cheaper on eBay. And if they DO approach such a person, the usual response is a rude 'no, mate just lookin'" Kinda de-tunes your salesman instincts after a while, if you know what I mean.....
  8. Hornet said it better than I was going to. :)

    Unless things have changed dramatically on Elizabeth St in the last 12 months, I don't think most people looking at the bikes there (particularly on the footpath where all the 2nd-hand and learner-bikes live) are at all serious about buying a bike.

    That said, I got the worst customer treatment at Sumoto... ;) (But then, I wasn't planning to buy anything from them. Except for the Hornet 250 - but they expected me to buy a six year old one sight-unseen and without a testride, for more than a brand-new one costs in Japan. So no, not buying anything from there!)

    At any rate, I think if you're looking on Elizabeth St you'll probably have to approach people yourself.
  9. Thanks Twisted :wink:

    Yep you get a hell of a lot of overseas & interstate tyre-kickers, trouble-makers and people pretending to buy bikes, sometmes it is hard to tell them apart from the genuine buyers.

    Can't you walk up to the counter and ask for some assistance?

    When ever I have gone downstairs (Yam City) to see our bikes salesman, they have always asked every person, that has walked in the shop, if they can be assisted, maybe you just happened to come in at a time when they needed a break or were busy doing something else.

    I know all the bike salesmen in the city, most of them are very friendly, caring & helpful guy's. They get hundreds of people coming in their shops in a day..... every day, the ONE day you are in a shop, I don't know why you can't walk to the counter and ask for some assistance!

    I try and 'jump' on everyone that walks through my door but sometimes I may accidently miss someone, god what a said state of affairs if everyone that got missed went running to a forum.
  10. +1 if you wanted help why didn't you ask..... if you were just looking why waste someone else time :? do you ask your mummy to go with you to kmart/target cos they are even harder to find places to find staff?

    grow up ffs :roll:
  11. You just need to ask.

    If they ignore you asfter you've asked, start another thread on NR!
  12. I know what you mean, many places will ignore you unless you ask. However if you're looking like you're serious you do get attention, eg. if you are looking at only one bike for 10 minutes.

    Except for some action motorcycle stores, eg. parra, you could be intensely checking out a bike for 2 hours there and you still don't get any attention unless you find a salesperson (they usually hide), and then have to apologise as they make huge sighs about being taken from standing around doing nothing. Then whilst you ask them questions they answer with a few words and ask is that all can I go back to doing xyz..

  13. For all those caning the guy for not asking... c'mon, PS owns most of those franchises, and you know what PS is like. You can walk up to some of the bike sales guys and stand 15cm from their face and they'll still look right through you. That's if they can get off the private phone calls long enough to look up.
    Never had that problem in any of the other outlets on Elizabeth, or even the other PS stores, though. Nor in their accessories dept.
  14. i find most bike salespersons are very shallow. i have my reasons for this opinion, read on.

    the last 2 months i've been in and out of bike shops, looking for my ideal next bike. i have $15k sitting in a bank account with the sole intention of being spend on said bike within the next month or so.

    1) when i walk in on my own, i don't get any assistance, and when i do ask, it's as if i'm asking the person to chop a leg off or something. they must think i'm a tyre kicker.
    2) when i rock up on my bandit 250, it's the same. "look, another learner dreaming!" must be what they think! even tho i dont have L's or P's on my bike.


    3) when i rock up on a friends Ducati 749 with pipes, i have sales people asking if i need any assistance within 30 seconds of me walking in the door.
    4) when i walk in with my missus we get served pretty quick too. i think it's because they may think, "well if he's convinced the boss, it's a done deal!".

    i've experienced this in several stores. from big places like Peter Stevens, and specific dealers (honda, kawasaki, etc), to the smaller shops (to a lesser extent tho).

    IMO, i feel they should treat all potential customers the same if they're the right age (ignore the high school kids who sit on R1's, etc).. i may look like a tyre kicker, but i have the money to buy, and the intent to buy, how would they know unless they asked "would you like some assistance, mate?" or "are you in the market for something in particular?".

    i can understand they get lots of tyre kickers daily, but that is no excuse for poor service.

    just my experiences and opinion, make if it what you will.
  15. sure sometimes when you ask if the service is then poor complain.....but so what nobody came up to you to sniff your ass.....go ask....imo to completely different situations :roll:
  16. It seems like its one or the other. There are places you get jumped on as before your eyes have even adjusted to the light. Others you can't find anyone.

    A tip to salesmen; if I'm hanging around a particular product for a few minutes I want some help with it.
  17. Take control guys - just go up and ask 'em about the bike. Have some knowledge about what you're keen on - this normally gets their attention.

    The 'net makes it easy to find bikes we're interested in, call the shop, get the sales persons name and organise a time to test ride. Some shops try the "test ride subject to purchase" and I laugh, "you're joking, can I talk to the Sales Manager". Never had to yet :wink:
  18. Except for that one time at that BMW place at the top of old pac :LOL:

    But he changed his mind later :grin:
  19. I should have had you around when I wanted to testride that R1150GS!

    "Sorry, we don't allow ride impressions. We'd let you testride it if you knew that you wanted an R1150GS and wanted to see if this is the one."

    ... but how will I know that I want a GS if nobody lets me do a ride impression?! ;)
  20. Worked for me last time I was in Yam city (upstairs) - given the other 3 sales staff were all busy helping 1 person choose a pair of gloves and completely ignoring me :p.
    Still better than the service at PS though ;).