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So I went Italian this time.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by awseome, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. So after selling of my Street, i gave riding a miss for 8 months, but the bug was always crawling around and finally bit me, so i went and bought a Aprilia Tuono 2005. this is my first twin, and in short, i LIKE it.

    sorry pictures are not really good but that's all i have atm.

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  2. That's one sexy italian. Have fun with her mate :)
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  3. nice bike congrats
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  4. Congrats. Once you have Italian everything else just seems, well, meh!
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  5. Rode an Italian once, still have fond memories ..8-[ .. Look forward to hearing her sing..
  6. very nice!
  7. Awesome bike...same as your name! (y)
  8. Nice bike mate, well done.
  9. I'm hoping to be on It's fairing'd brother, the RSV1000R soon.
    Keep us updated on It's continued Awesomeness :D
  10. thanks for the posts guys. i sort of fell in to this purchase and no regrets. been on a few rides initial feel is, its a well mannered bike. does what its told and forgives a lot of small mistakes.
  11. I went back to Italian!!


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  12. Awesome bike there...! Droooooool.
  13. Nice bike mate
    Njoy ya ride
  14. Very nice mate. Aprilia make awesome bikes and I'm already thinking about the Tuono V4R as my next bike.
    The only thing that would stop me is the lack of dealer support around here.
  15. af1 aprilia forums if you ever need to know anything on this bike.
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  16. I'm a member. I've bought a lot of stuff From AF1, they give really good service.
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  17. it is a gorgeous one this one, maybe its due to reading a lot about it, but i do feel a lot more confident riding the tuono, could be a lot of things, Tuono was a spur of the moment decision and i am not regretting it.
  18. looks unreal mate.. very sexy looking
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  19. Did you get it from Peter Stevens? It looks exactly like the Tuono I test rode a while back when I settled on my Shiver.

    That bike scared the bejesus out of me! :eek:hno: It's crazy, stupid fast!