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So I went down this evening

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Siilk, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Was getting back home from CBD around 8pm this evening, traveling along the Lygon st. There was this taxi minivan in front of me, you know one of those which are trying to squeese into every gap and move forward as fast as legally possible in the heavy evening traffic. I was keeping by distance and traveling withing the limit in the right lane when the taxi guy managed to get past the bus in the left lane and changed to the left lane in front of the bus. I only had a moment to think to myself 'finally, he's out of my way' when he rushed back into the right lane without indicating to try and do a uie through the gap in the flowerbed divider thingy in the middle. Even though I was doing like 35-ish at this moment(was going slow to let the taxi change lanes and haven't fully accelerated to the speed limit yet), I had to brake hard to avoid crashing into him as he was right in front of me moving almost perpendicular the traffic flow across both lanes. Locked the front wheel and went down.

    There was quite a lot of people, including a couple of riders who went to help me and the taxi guy were not trying to run away so me and my poor CB had a rather safe trip to the sidewalk while one of the helpful riders took a couple of photos of the taxi van(if you're reading this mate, thanks again!), which he sent me later. Taxi guy was visibly nervous and was trying to make it look like he's not at all at fault and the damage to the bike was nonexistent(even though clearly neither of that was true). I managed to stay calm(albeit a bit shaken) and took his number and some photos of his license. When asked about the insurance, he said he was not insured and mentioned the car wasn't his(I suppose he was referring to car belonging to the taxi company or whatever). As I was not in the right condition to interrogate the guy further I then let him be on his way, given his car was undamaged and I had enough details to find both him and the car he was driving.

    After having a cup of coffee at a cafe nearby to calm myself a bit, went back home(bike was slightly beaten up but still functional). I seem to be ok myself, aside from slightly bruised left hand(low speed + my armour worked like a charm), but I plan to see a doctor tomorrow anyway just to be sure. As for the bike, handlebar is noticeably bent, brake light assembly seems to be cracked and there's a walnut-sized dent on the tank side. At this point, I'm sure how to deal with repairs. I only have 3rd party liability insurance(my CB is not expensive enough to justify the kind of monthly payments and premium which come with comprehensive) so what do you guys think I should do, given I expect to try and get the repair money out of the taxi guy and/or taxi company he works for. Should I assess the damage by bringing the bike to the mechanic I usually get it serviced with? Or should I get in touch with taxi guy's insurance company first? BTW, should I let my own insh company know about the incident, given the taxi guy is at fault and there is no damage to his car anyway? This is basically my second incident at all so I'm not really sure what I should be doing...

  2. Glad you are OK and the bike is rideable. Make sure you follow up with the medical check. Did your bike hit the taxi after it went over?
  3. Hey SiilkSiilk, good effort not to crash into the stupid taxi, shame about the lock up.
    Definitely head to a doctor if you hit the ground, it's amazing sometimes how bad you feel once the adrenalin leaves your system.
    Then I'd head to a repairer and get a quote for anything needed to return the bike to perfect condition.
    Ring the driver and offer him a chance to pay you directly and keep the accident off his record.
    Push him for a quick result.
    Tell him if he's not going to agree and sort it out within 48 hrs then you'll be passing it on to your insurer to sort out.
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  4. No, just went straight down, about half a meter before the van.
  5. If you lived in Sydney, I would of been happy to assess the damage caused & possibly help you to repair/replace at the lowest price possible without compromising on quality &/or OEM parts. If you like, you can send me a few pictures of your damaged motorcycle along with what kind of Motorcycle it is & I'll see if I can find something for you.

    Putting that aside, check yourself with the doctor until you're in a healthy condition. Take care.
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  6. Stever42Stever42: Thanks for the advice, sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Will probably have to take a half day off tomorrow to visit a doctor and book a bike check-up at bikedock.
  7. On the insurance side of things, I would check your policy......some insurance providers throw in a couple of grand worth of cover for your bike even with 3rd party, assuming you're not at fault and the other driver is uninsured.

    Glad you got out of it unscathed.
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  8. Thanks man, I greatly appreciate the offer. And I am definitely seeing a doc tomorrow. I feel ok but with stuff like that you just can't be completely sure unless you have a professional check you up
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  9. Just be aware, if you only have 3rd party, your insurance company is unlikely to help you get the money out of the other guy, and I'd imagine the taxi owner would know that
  10. Just don't mention anything about what you have, just that you'll pass it on if he doesn't jump on your offer.
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  11. Do you have witnesses that actually saw the accident? Do you have their details? Without an independent witness cabbie can easily deny what happened. I'd be tempted to go to hospital / the Doc's and get it documented. As soon as possible.
    Other's with more experience should have an input here. I see the difficulty as Chris alluded to - you didn't actually make contact with the taxi.
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  12. Follow Steve's advice above, you can also say you could make a careless driving report to the police with your witness statements. If he drives for a living he may come to the party.

    If the above doesn't work you can either get legal representation to write you a letter of demand to the taxi driver or write one yourself as a cheaper option.

    The following thread describes Letters of Demand
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  13. You guys have good points. I currently have no good witnesses immediately available but one of the guys at the crash scene managed to have a couple of words with the bus driver before the departed and he told me be the bus driver had a clear view of taxi unexpectedly changing lanes without indicating. I will try to track down the bus driver, hopefully he will be willing to testify if needs be. Managed to get contacts of the bus operator which runs that bus line, will call them tomorrow as they don't seem to have an after-hour call center.
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  14. The goal is not to let it get to court if possible. You need to know first what your repair costs are going to be so getting an assessment is first priority after your own medical. That's why a letter of demand is a good low cost option. Sadly the costs of a court appearance may be more than the cost of repairs.
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  15. #15 Lionz, Jun 28, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
    Strike while the iron's hot and track down the witness. Go and see him on his break, get him to write a statement - quickly, while it's still a recent incident. Hopefully being a bus driver he'll be a stand up guy. Tell him you're trying to resolve it without going to court and his info will lay weight to your claim and leverage on the cabbie. Give him the sob story you're hurting, need transport for your job, can't afford to get screwed, etc.
    Best of luck.
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  16. Sorry to hear this SiilkSiilk !
    First... Drs ASAP just to be sure- you might find you are sore elsewhere tomorrow :(
    Follow up as Stever42Stever42 and cjvfrcjvfr suggested and others
    I bet the "taxi" was a moonlighter...doing a shift for family or friends. But you may find that this will also translate into cash in hand...
    Take care and keep us all posted on how you are, your bike's diagnosis and the insurance prognosis.
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  17. Thanks OldmaidOldmaid, will post an update as soon as I will sort things out a bit. And I agree, taxi guy looked like he was moonighting or something.
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  18. One other thing SiilkSiilk ........ document it yourself. Write down what happened - you can nick what you wrote here - but make it professional, facts only, in case you have to submit it later.
    You may also be able to 'share' it with the bus driver to see if he corroborates and sees it the same way - you also lay a seed with him and lead him where you want to go with his statement.
    Pictures are good too. Use google maps. Print it off. Use a colour for your line and a dotted line for what he did. Mark where the bus was. Mark everything over several pictures.
    I did this on an incident i had to go to court for - it kept it fresh, was easy to narrate and helped me win the case.
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  19. Good idea LionzLionz, will try to do that.
  20. In QLD you have to report and accident if dmg is over $1000 not sure about vic. Id be calling the "Cabbie" and just ask for more details that you dont have (like his address) so you can fill out the police report. He will then get on the back foot wanting to help you solve it without the cops. Any other way and your on the back foot.