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. . . so i went car shopping today !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. As some of you know, I am no longer allowed (though it is possible) to drive a manual car due to my accident and I have to trade in my current manual car for an automatic.

    I found my next car today !

    get this . . .
    Its turbo, has a 6-speed clutchless manual (therefore i'm allowed to drive it) and comes with a standard sized expresso coffee cup in the drink holder ! :LOL:

    . . . those quirky Italians with coffee cups !!! hahahaha

    And I thought the VW Beetle flower holder on the dashboard was funny !!

    Have no fear, I'll be riding again.
    This car will my rainy day mode of transport and would be a nice touch to my future Duc ! :wink:
  2. So don't keep us in suspense... Is it an Alfa?
  3. :woot: sounds fab. :worthlesspics: show us pics as soon as you've got some!
  4. It's GTi isn't it?
  5. Awesome :)

    I wonder what kind of car it is..

    Pics, pics! :D
  6. Hmmmm, let's see... turbo and tiptronic...

    I don't think you bought a Porsche Cayenne S unless you somehow angled health insurance to pay for it.

    A Volkswagon Toureg is pretty pricy for the turbo and a pretty large vehicle..

    I think an XR6 Turbo is slightly beneath you in style.

    Volkswagon Passat/Jetta?
    Audi A6 Quattro?
    Oh you did NOT get an STi! :p

    Geez, you bought an Audi didn't you, Micky? A freakin' Audi... sell it before the warranty runs out. Geez...
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    I looked at the new Imprezas today, damn Subaru has gone skitzo in styling ! yeah, I did ride the new WRX and RS.
    The 07 Impreza is quite nice, but i think i'll be ending my 7year partnership with Subaru this time.

    The Subaru dealer reckons they can do a good deal with me - but i think my heart is sold !

    Fiat Punto JTD . . . . . :grin:

    . . . . . very metrosexual, but not ghey ! :rofl:
  8. Oh no...

    Micky micky micky!

    Get a Volkswagon Golf GTi, or an R32 if you can afford it.
    These are manly hatches!

    ... a fiat? Just coz they own Ferrari, doesn't mean that little 3-door lipstick case is one.

    Hell, even Honda are doing a limited edition Accord with some nice features and a solid V6 under the hood!
  9. Chris, this thing goes like hot shit off a shovel ! - with a fuel economy better than a Prius.

    Fiat own more than Ferrari, I think they own pretty much everything Italian with moving parts.

    Besides, if you squint hard enough, it looks like a Maserati ! :LOL:
    Well it was penned by that Guigaro dude ! hahaha
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  11. Ya fo' rizzle?

    At least let me take you for a burn in the Mazda before you make up your mind.
  12. hm, i got all exited and then i saw the pic :cry:

    im going to stick with my original idea, one of the vw minx body kits, probably the convertable with roll bar

  13. Have a look at the torque figure at 2000rpm ! :eek:
    Thats where it all counts.
  14. Me I got a Mitsubishi Colt VRX, but I drove the Ralliart :shock: :shock: :shock: FFS that thing is sick. I do like the Fiat but the 5 year warranty and low service costs would make me look at the Colt. :grin:
  15. Fix
    Tony :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah just kiddin. Had a few myself over the years.
    They are probably better than ever before in the quality stakes.
    Back in the 70's, on a quiet night, you could almost hear them rusting.
  16. Brother M, I wonder how the FIAT 500 will go...
  17. Brother G, you might see me at PI with it.

    Apparently the turbo diesel can give me 1000km to a tank.
    Going to do the experiment and drive to Melbourne ! LOL

    The Punto servicing is 15000km or 12months ! :shock:

    I guess with Fiat owning pretty much every other Italian company (Ferrari etc), and years of experience with diesel technology in their trucks and vans.
    The much praised hi technology diesel powerplant in the Punto should provide reliable motoring.
    Its got every gizmo in it and its different . . . . kinda like me ! :p

    The clutchless manual is a spin out though.

    I'm picking it up in a week.

    . . . . those that know me know my Punto won't be standard for too long ! :grin: ;)

  18. I truly look forward to seeing you again my separated at birth (not conjoined twin) Brother! :cool:
  19. Mickey, you may not believe this but my offsider has all the skirts and stuff for the Punto. He is interested in selling them as he is not going to put them on his car. He's also got some aluminum racing pedals. Pm me for more details