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So I was the victim of road rage last night

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by N2O, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. I came off the monash at warrigal Road and just cruised up to the front. The light went green to turn onto warrigal road so I went nice and slowy, and the cager behind me just held the horn down the whole way.

    The next ligh was red so I cam to a stop and looked back to see it was a middle aged guy in a shitty corona or something.

    When this light went green I took off slowy. I figured if this fcukhead is going to do something crazy I'm not going to be travelling at speed when he does it. So he followed me all the way up warrigal road with his horn down (we're talking from the monash freeway to high street road). He finally overtook me, and cut so close as to actually clip my wheel with his rear bumper. I was too worked up to get his number plate unfortunately.

    Anyway I just rode past him at the next set of lights and tried to put a lot of distance between myself and him. I gave him a little love tap to his mirror and I swear I heard it hit the ground :D

    I have no idea why he did any of this. Was it because I went too slow around one corner, and he was in too much of a hurry to let me have a little bit of space to live?
  2. You just played into his hands.
    How many of the cars near you at the time, saw this play out start to end?

    Very few i would bet, Now they have just seen a careless motorcyclist smashing someones mirror off!!

    I'd like to says thanks for adding another dagger in my back.
  3. Your first mistake is to ride slow. In my honest opinion this gets you into more trouble than not. I always gun it from the lights to get as much distance between my back wheel and the turkey in the cage behind me.
  4. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
  5. A month or 2 ago on the subject of filtering ettiquette one of the contributions (i think Falcon lord) was that if you pull in front of a vehicle then you have an obligation to move off quickly and not hold up the vehicle you just cut in front of. Not sayin you did anything wrong or that his actions were justified, but could it be you rubbed him up the wrong way by cutting in and then holding him up.
  6. Sorry, but I'd have done the same thing as N2O. It's a crying shame that these events can result in the perception that it was the motorcyclist at fault, but I'm not going to stand for bullshit just so that our image is untarnished. Forget that for a joke.
  7. I also doubt that I actually broke the mirror. I hit it with my handlebar travelling around 10km/hr.
  8. I didn't cut in!
    I was at the front first!
  9. Why is it dumb? It works for me and my bf, especially when we use the Bus priority signals.

    It gets distance between you and d!ckheads, how is that dumb? Seriously, why ride so bl**dy slow that the people behind get angry?
  11. Yeah that's what I figured from reading your post N20, it didn't sound like you'd split/filtered. I agree with you mate, the guy was a fecking berk and got what he deserved. I'm over this bending over and taking it up the arse bullshit just so that we all look like wonderful people.
  12. Dude you are only 19yo and have the whole world at your feet, don’t cut it short FFS, from your own admission you’ve been hospitalised twice in six months and get loony cagers trying to cut you off and merge into you near every time you ride the Monash.
    Here’s what you do > reassess your road craft skills, forget what you know it just isn’t working, start over and get a friendly netrider mentor out on a few rides with you, or perhaps book in for some 1 on 1 professional instruction with a motorcycle school outfit.
    You need to change what your doing out there, commuting and having near misses every time should be ringing alarm bells.
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  13. Safety.
    Sure, I could have hammered around the corner, and endagered myself. But instead I chose to take the corner slowly on a bike i'm not that familiar with in order to be SAFE.

    I could also have hammered away from the lights the second time, but what would that achieve? Open myself to someone walking out in front of me? A car running the red light on my left?

    If they're going to run up the back of me, I'd rather be going 15km/hr than 80km/hr.
  14. Dismiss it if you will but it's pretty sound advice IMO - if you'd have gunned it the knob head (and there's a lot of them on Warrigal Rd) never would have caught you and you would have avoided incident. I used to make that same turn every day and provided the next lights were green as well I'd be over the hill in no time (granted I wasnt travelling in peak hour).

    edit - didnt see your post above when I posted - fair enough I guess, although anyone who's stupid enough to just walk across Warrigal Rd... that and instead of going fast and possibly endangering yourself (gunning it on a 250 to the speed limit isn't that dangerous...) you went slowly and antagonised an idiot... endangering yourself.

    Ultimately though, roads (bike or car) and dangerous places and you should deal with them however you see fit, I guess.
  15. This was around 6pm, so there wasn't that much traffic. I've actually been thinking about that DuHast.

    Who wants to come and teach me to ride!?!?!
  16. ... I doubt it. :roll:

    I agree with OutbreakMonkey and do the same.

    With respect to you saying you were in front and didnt cut in, what does "...just cruised up to the front.." mean???
  17. If you filter to the front and go slow then you certainly deserve this sort of abuse... BUT, as you were in front first he was just being a major tool.
  18. 100% agreed. Ive had this before on a freeway! I was in the left lane on the frankston freeway and this 4wd cut me off..
    It was this FAT B%$CH. I felt like killing her, fact is im on a bike and shes in a huge 4wd so I just let her go past. Better to let the animals speed past and hope they stack there cage.
  19. Chill out mate, There are a lot more stupid things going on out there, and I reckon if the bloke had his horn on for that long people would have noticed. You are obvbiously a very centered person to come out with a statement like that :roll:

    N20 monkey is rite mate, the more distance you get between you and them the safer you are. Im pretty sure he is not talking about popping up the front or anything just excellerating away from the idiots as it is safer than having fcukwits sitting on your ass
  20. :LOL: :LOL: