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So I was out in the hills today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. I drove...Not a big fan of riding in the snow...

    Lake Mountain!

    My Favourite

    I continued down the Reefton, there was snow to at least half way, very very cold. Surprisingly, no one on it today!
  2. yeah what a weird bit of weather.
  3. That's a nce photo album thingy. Likey. And yes it was friggen icey cold today!
  4. Bit different to Melb Cup weekend!
  5. Nice photo's got a shmik camera?
    Seems like u have days during the week free, PM me if your eva going riding. I'm doing night shift 4 the nxt 6mths & s'times have up2 3days off in a row.
    U got a auto scoobie? Damn traction control :p Where's the fun?
  6. damn where was that white stuff 3 months ago?
  7. Those photo's were taken with the crappy camera phone, the others are with a Canon 350D.

    Scooby is good!

    Am now a man of leisure, so I'll pop you a PM when I'm out.
  8. Great photos Cejay.

    Snowed at Rawson yesterday too :eek:
  9. Weird!!! Great photos, specially under the conditions
  10. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!

    White xmas???????

    Great pix bro.

    The weather world has turned on it's head this week. Hopefully it's back to normal v v v soon!

    Sounds like you could have used one of these:

  11. And I thought that coming down Mt Glorious yesterday was a bit hairy after the hailstorm........

    Weird weather - Great Photos!