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So I was just riding along... (GoPro fail)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tempocyclist, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. So I was just cruising along at 80kph when....

    I managed to whip my hand off the bar and grab it, saving it from hitting the bitumen! Lucky! Then of course I am riding along in top gear with a GoPro in one hand trying to figure out how I'm going to stop. Shoved it between my legs and pulled off the road safely. The plastic mount (a genuine GoPro branded bar mount I'd bought the day before) had sheared right in half, probably due to the KLR's hefty thumping vibration!

    It only took a mere 10km of sealed roads to destroy it.
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  2. the mighty kwaka claims another victim - gopro need to sell KLR Rated mounts
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  3. Is it one where there's the u-bracket that has nuts screwed on it to pressure-fit it against the bars? If it is, you may have done it up too tight. It's shitty in any case and good save!
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  4. You sir are a ninja!:ninja:
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  5. them's biker reflexes right there (y)
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  6. Nice skillz!
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  7. Great save!
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  8. I'm with ST59ST59 great save
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  9. Yeah the genuine GoPro one for handlebars and the like. I'd done it up not too tight and used Loctite blue to stop it from unscrewing. It's just the meaty vibrations from the big single hammering away at it must have been too much! I have a K-EDGE mount on my road bike (pedal powered) that's all metal and totally rock solid so maybe I'll try and make that work next time.

    Shame as I recon that's a pretty good view for the camera!

    I can neither conform nor deny that... :cool:
  10. tempocyclisttempocyclist - just a suggestion, if it were me I wouldn't position the camera in such a way as to have the speedo or tacho visible.

  11. True, but it's a lardy KLR650 so doesn't spend much time breaking any speed limits... :p
  12. If my son hadn't owned a '96 model KLR650 I might believe you.

  13. Having been clocked doing 15kph over (got off with a caution, phew) by a police roadside radar last week, I concede to your superior wisdom...