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So I was dumb enough to commute yesterday - 42 degrees;

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mark57, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Through a series of no so well thought out decisions, I ended up on the bike yesterday afternoon - when I left Mascot at 5.30, it was a smidge over 42 degrees. I was in jeans, but had my leather jacket on, and boots.

    I have to give a shout out to Alpinestars - when I got back to Sutherland, I was not dead. The ventilation in the tech1R jacket works as advertised. It was far from a comfortable ride, but all in all I think I handled it better than the bike did. I had the jacket zipper as far down as I could without it coming open, and didn't wear gloves (and to put it in perspective it is the first time I've ridden without them).

    The thing that I found hardest to cope with was the heat of the air coming in the helmet visor - usually it's the quickest way to cool down a bit, but yesterday it just made the heat worse.

    So all up, it wasn't fun, but no where near as bad as I'd expected;

  2. open face with sunnies next ?
  3. Went for about an hour ride around mascot and the shire doing a few chores along the way in the middle of the day. I loved it, as long as I was moving, lights were a killer though. If there is ever a reason to squid yesterday was it. Although Felix was not very happy with me.
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  4. i quite enjoyed my trip home yesterday. was extremely hot on the freeway, but took the OPH for most of it.
    must have been the first time my tyres got properly heated up, cause by god, they were sticking. and it felt so good!

    i have a Shark Evoline modular, so i was open faced between work and the freeway
  5. In the middle of the day it was still cool :)

    I rode for an hour to Blacktown at 530 and it was coolest with the mesh jacket zipped up and the visor closed. Even then my chest felt like it was being slow roasted by a fan heater - next time I'll leave the mesh at home and wear a more substantial jacket.

    It seems the best way to keep cool not get hotter is to let no wind in, and just enough air-flow to evaporate the sweat but no more.
  6. I have found the camelbaks are worth their weight to stay hydrated and help cool on stinking hot days!
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  7. Similar logic to not leaving your house Windows open when it's that hot. Better to leave them close, try trapping the cool air in than bringing fresh 'hot' air in.
  8. Just found this chart:
    According to data from the National Burn Center, the time at temperature to cause a second degree burn is as follows:
    113°F 1.7 hours
    122°F 2 minutes
    131°F 11 seconds
    140°F 2 seconds

    from http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/ExtremeHeat.html

    113 F is 45 C, so you can get 2nd degree burns from these kind of temperatures if exposed for long enough.

    Also good to be aware if you come across a motorcycle accident - anyone lying on the road in these temps will be badly burned in minutes.
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  9. Ironically I can guarantee I was cooler and more comfortable on my 40 min commute than all the squids I passed.


    On leaving desk to commence commute, go via toilet.
    Remove work shirt and place in sink.
    Soak shirt until well done. Typically 10 seconds.
    Move it around to ensure completely soaked.
    Wring out.
    Replace shirt, ensure sleeves are rolled down.
    Put mesh jacket over top.
    Carry out similar exercise for mesh gloves.
    Ride home in 41 degree head with a grin on your face.

    Worked like a charm.
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  10. Ahhh but did you look as awesome as me!
  11. Wet down t shirt under jacket,
    Wet the helmet liner as well.
    You remain comfortable for much longer.
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  12. If you're parking in the sun try to put something over your tank to keep it cool too. I got burns and blisters way too close to girly bits last year after parking in the sun for an hour lunch break. Jumped straight on the bike and rode off without thinking about it.
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  13. Ooooo, some good tips. Have to remember those.
  14. I once did that in Vic when commuting back home from Geelong to Melbourne. 42*C day out. "I remember my Heat and Mass Transfer class at uni! I'll use evaporative cooling!" I wet down the outside of my draggin jeans, soaked my jacket in water, got on the bike, accelerated up to the 80kph limit and promptly froze to death!
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  15. Come on peeps it wasnt as bad as all that, I quite enjoyed my commute yesterday.....for some reason there seemed to be less cars on the road, which is always a WIN! :).............

    The only annoyance I had was opening the visor for more air meant burning your eye balls lol..................
  16. Works very well in low humidity heat.
    Doesn't work as well in high humidity (no evaporation, which is what lowers temperature).
  17. You guys over east are gonna die if it ever gets real hot for any period of time.

    Try a month of 40+, you get used to it pretty quickly - just drink lots of water (or beer)
  18. Jeez, you people have one day over 40 and you all cry.

    Oh, and sitting at the lights or in stopped traffic, a wet shirt isn't going to help much. Agreed, yes at some speed it works a treat. I'll stick with being a squid for my daily commute in 35+ temps.
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  19. Hey mick gotta agree its plastered over the news poor nsw and victoria.
  20. Rode to coogee from west penno with boardies, mesh jacket, full face helmet and gloves. Managed to avoid sun burn but in exchange i burned the inside of the thighs on my fuel tank... >_<
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