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So I was cleaning the bike, then looked at the car...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by arc, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. ...and after using Mcguire's Plastic Polish on the bike's screen (so clean and scratch free!!) I saw how bad my car headlights were looking...a few hours later and I now have one lovely, beautiful headlight. The other one is amazingly disgusting by comparison even after a wash.

    I then opened the bonnet and well, urgh. She's one disgustingly dirty beast.

    So...I'm looking for a car detailer in the Melbourne metro area. I'm thinking a damn good clean of the engine bay, steam clean the interior and a full exterior detail.

    Know anyone you'd recommend?

    Many thanks,

    (It's a 1989 Honda Integra CS in white)
  2. Kero on a rag, get your hands dirty and follow up with tyre shine on the plastic bits. It'll look like a photo on carsales but shmicker. :)
  3. If you want a proper job call Damian at final inspection. Probably the best detailernin the country.
  4. Magic, thanks Res!


  5. plus 1

    it's more rewarding doing the work yourself!
  6. You spent a few hours cleaning a headlight and you couldnt be farkd detailing your car yourself. :)
  7. +1 on Damian from Final Inspection. I use quite a few of his products and they are all top notch.
  8. Prestige Paintwerks at Moorabbin have a good reputation amongst members of the WRX club.