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So i was absolutely convinced i'd never outgrow my hd200...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Suriag, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. ... but there i was going uphill on the freeway, wondering what was wrong with the scoot before finally realising.

    "No wait, there's nothing wrong, you're just at full throttle wanting more power now that you're learning not to be afraid of the speed limit."

    Blaming you all for turning me into an irresponsible hooligan now :angel:
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  2. Just wait until you buy an actual motorcycle...
  3. You don't need to be afraid of the limit. Just afraid of what can come of exceeding it. Which if you know how to play the game, is very little.
  4. That's unlikely, Rain, as i figure anyone who can't get the hang of a manual car is too much of a menace for a manual bike :p

    But there's still ballsier automatics around, and they're not ~all~ LAMS...
  5. Burgmann 650.
    If you really must...
  6. So buy a VFR1200DCT....
  7. Touche, Rainbow. They're very shiny~

    and fie, kreeper, fie! If i must have a barge it will be an srv. That might even elicit accidental nods from haters :p:
  8. I'm not sure whether there is such a thing as 'outgrowing' your bike, or could it be just a line invented in order to sell more bikes?

    I started riding on a CB250. More than 10 years later, I own a CBR600F but to tell the truth I do most of my riding on... HD200, just like yours. It is simply very good at what I need to do most of the time, which is commuting around the city.

    There *is* such thing as bike not suited to your riding conditions though. If you live in Blue Mountains - yeah, you probably need something a bit bigger than 200cc.

    Yamaha T-Max is an excellent scoot if you have the cash.

  9. Lol that thing is like the reverse of the new CBR250R
  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure I've been fooled by something like this before...
  11. #11 bulby, Dec 28, 2011
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    I can't drive a manual car. Tried and failed :p
  12. Nah, the mountains aren't an excuse to blame the scoot for being too wimpy... i'm light and the only place this can happen is the steep 90km uphill at the base of the mountain... it has plenty left in it everywhere else, all while having been cheap enough to buy on a pension.

    Just nice to notice having gained that confidence despite myself xD

    and bulby! You menace! :D *ducks*
  13. My hd 200 used to get to 130. Now it seems to max out at 110. Not sure what I can do to get it performing like it used to but its done 62000 km. Need to upgrade soon, but need to not be a student first.
  14. Am I the only one that keeps reading 'HD' as Hardley?
    Cheeky cats, naming a scoot that...
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  15. Never thought of that. Maybe I should make a speed lab.
  16. that or the dn01. burger gets going so they say, now who the fark are 'they'?
  17. :rofl: I dunno man, but "they" sure talk a lot!
  18. They must've corrected your speedo when you brought it in for service :)
  19. I had to google HD200.
  20. Same here.