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So i walked in to work this morning...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FoxRiderJ, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. No helmet under my arm, no riding boots clicking as i walk to my suite. No leather jacket. First time in a long while i took public transport today, as i plan on getting very drunk later.

    One of my workmates notices the lack of riding gear.

    "Oh, you decided you didn't want to die today, ay?"

    It took me all i had to not to make HIM die today. What the **** is up with cagers and their ***ed up comments?

    And i've been in the car with this guy twice. Both times he nearly got us killed (running a red, steering off the road in the Royal National Park.) But yet the cagers feel the need to justify we're organ donors.
  2. ask him why he is so afraid of living that he has to surround himself in a cocoon/cage
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  3. Just say, "Working with you IS death!"

    I often get the 'temporary Australian' comment. Whaddaya do? You just laugh like it's the first time you ever heard that joke from the wittiest person on the planet!
  4. I've mentioned this before but it seems relevent to say again. I rang a mate to see how he was, during the conversation I told him I was now riding a motor bike, he said " be careful those things are dangerous". The reason I rang him as to ask how he was after he had cut of his thumb with a circular saw.
  5. bahahahhahah you made me snort my coffee out my nose
  6. haha brilliant!!! :D

    Im loving the fact I had eye surgery last week to correct a squint. My mum's going 'Ooo dont get on the bike until you can see properly'. No, I want to ride around half blind don't I ](*,)
  7. I always repy with 'we're all temporary Australians'...makes most of them think.
  8. I say ' at least I come home to my multiple supermodel wives. I don't mind being temporary if its like this"
  9. tell him more people die in bed than on bikes, and that he should sleep standing up from now on :LOL:
  10. I like the alternative - "Oh, are you immortal? What's your secret?"
  11. Just reply with "I heard you would be driving in today and just couldnt take the chance on the roads"
  12. How about "I'm not riding your wife today so I didn't have to wear protection" :)
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  13. I usually just ignore it. But there's this one particularly brain dead idiot at work who constantly made the "Temporary Australian" commment. To him I've said "No I'm a permanent citizen" or asked, "Why do I look like I just got of the boat?" or "Thanks for remainding me, I have to update my visa".

    This went on for weeks. Finally I aksed him if he knew why Daimler had invented the car, he gave me that 'dumb emu' look. So I explained that Daimler had infact invented the motorcycle first, took it for a ride, then realised that not everyone possessed the necessary skill, co-ordination or intelligence to ride a bike, so invented the car for moronic retards like him.

    He hasn't commented since.
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  14. i like the, i wasn't riding with your wife one :D :D :D

    Generally, if it gets to me, i get onto a rant involving lemmings and sheep. It takes a different form each time :D
  15. I had a heart attack 4 yrs ago, whilst sitting at my friggen desk..

    Now I have a T shirt

    on the front is written

    "Don't take life so seriously, it isn't permanent"

    pretty well somes it up for me..
  16. i got this today from my boss, as we have huge trade show on at the moment..."Dont kill yourself on that thing...at least not over the weekend"

    As one of our boys fell off the ladder into a display and scratching up a $10,000 bike, my response "tipping he wont make monday then?"
  17. Boom tish.

    Being sick sux, reading this made me laugh. Oh that felt good.
  18. Careful mate... If you have too much caffeine too quickly you could die of a heart-attack... Caffeine's dangerous! Especially since it looks like you're now into snorting it... :cheeky:
  19. Shoulda kicked up an OH&S stink.

    On second thought, kick up an OH&S stink about EVERYTHING :evil: Just let your boss know that you don't want to die at work because you need to go riding :D :D :D

    @nobby: holy crap dude. that pretty well says everything about this topic. You could die riding a motorcycle. But you could also die sitting at your desk at work. Which would you prefer to be doing when your time is up?
  20. As my awsome mum said in response to the critics "These days everything can kill you, Id rather her go out doing something she loves than sitting here having tea and scones with a bunch of grumpy, grey old ducks like you lot"
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