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So I Upgraded!! Fireblade Style!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by MrtypeR, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Well guys thought it was time to rest the Hyosung GT250R and upgrade. The Hyosung has been an awesome bike to learn on and has treated me well... no probs at all!
    Anyways onto the new bike... what can i say... i love my honda's and 2 years in a row MCN's bike of the year!! So easy to ride and very quick!... im still breaking it in... only done 500k's on it.... so i know i haven't unlocked its potential but boy does it pull like a train till i change it 6000 revs!... Will put a yoshi slip on pipe in a couple months cause the bike is pretty quiet around town... exhaust flap doesn't scream open till bout 5000 revs so below that its very quiet. Guess im just used to the awesome sound i was getting on the hyosung with a Screamin Demon exhaust!...

    anyways... enjoy and ride safe!! :)


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  2. What is it they say about Hondas and Tampons? :p

    Nice bike man, although could probably be a bit Greener :D What's it look straight from 250 Hyosung to 1000 Fireblade? Remember to keep it shiny side up!
  3. Grats on the bike; thats one hell of an upgrade!
  4. dude, your still running shinko's on the hyo? are you insane man?
  5. +1

    Congrats mate !!
  6. Good choice. Can't say I'm not jealous!
  7. Massive congrats mate! Top purchase! Awesome bike!
  8. thanks guys... yeah its an awesome bike.... im just waiting on the accessory pack from Honda now which includes the Repsol rear hugger, seat cowl and bike cover. I've also put a tinted screen on it and fender eliminator ( had to get rid of the big bulky unit straight away!)

    yeah the hyosoun still has original everything inc tyres (well apart from exhaust & tinted screen)... only a year old if anyone is interested msg me! :)

    The honda is simpy amazing... the brakes pull up the bike so quick... gotta be gentle on them cause pressing the front to hard sometimes gives you a sore crotch at times :)
    It handles great and im so surprised how easy it is to ride! Looking fwd to putting on the Yoshi pipe for some more noise though!
  9. Hey MrtypeR,
    I made the same move as yourself, going from a Hyosung to a Honda. Great move on your part. They are such an amazing bike and it is a massive step between to the two, but it is easy to get to know the Honda and eventually it will feel unreal riding it once you have gotten used to, yes the brakes and yes the power.

    I removed the stock pipe also and put a Yoshi pipe on.... oh you will love the noise!!!!
  10. Hey Gilsey... yeah cant wait.... im getting the pipe form the US and a mate is bringing it back with him... cant wait... im like saving 40% compared to prices here.... its just a slip on... i dont need the full system... im after more the noise.... as its quick enough!

    yeah i love honda's... the fam has all honda cars and i have a type R so i guess it runs in my blood.... though i was considering the new R1 but i just found the build quality on the blade that little bit better... the R1 felt a bit more "plasticy" and they dont even cover their wires under the dash.. .all exposed.. unlike the honda just felt better put together!... i think i made the right choice in the end!!
  11. good choice, great bike.
  12. I moved this thread for you. Nice bike.
  13. Did you get the ABS version, and how much all up?
  14. Congratulations, lovely bike. Now get to the Island and knock out a 2:30 on your first track day!
  15. It wasn't all that long ago you were talking to me about what you're looking to move on to next. The 'Blade is an awesome bike. I hope you have many fun km on it.
  16. haha yeah... well it was either this or the 1198s... unfortuanetly the wallet wasnt that big for the Duc! lol

    Derik: you cant get ABS on the repsol edition.. only on the other standard colours... i would have got it otherwise... but oh well.... got a prett good price... honda has $750 back if you buy before end of Oct too!
  17. Very nice MrtypeR - the blade is a great choice. A mate of mine bought one too recently and it was an ex demo - the dealer had his techs alter the stock pipe to allow the secondary exhaust valve to open earlier to give it a little extra omf and a better growl. They are awesome, the blades and what a beast. My mate upgraded to his from a spada! so similar step up. There is no doubt that Honda's are great as I grew up in rural Vic on the ol' XR's and they were so reliable which I'm sure you'll experience with the Fireblade! Cheers.
  18. thanks buck!... yeah i've seen the video on youtube on how to disengage the butterfly valve which opens bout 4-5000 revs but i think it will lose abit of power down low just for the sake of some more sound.... im gonna leave it for a couple of months and then the yoshi slip on is going to be installed!

    great bike though... just cant wait for the weather to get better!!
  19. Mmm not familiar with the new blade, but in mine the HTEV system is not there for backpressure, but rather to pass noise emissions tests.