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So I stacked it good and proper.. [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jezzabelle, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. bikesmashed.

    Ignore my mate on the left tensing up for the photo :LOL:

    So after my girlfriend dropped it about a month ago and caused minor damage, and now this - the damn thing must have been cursed. It was peak hour traffic, Friday 6pm, intersection of Chapel St and Alexandra ave (i think).

    Light turned orange but I carried on through (safely), a guy heading in the opposite direction, wanting to turn in front of me, went for it and I smack banged into the rear passenger door. Didn't even see the car until it was like 10m away, didn't have time to do anything. Catapaulted over the car and tumbled around 20m down the road. Was probably doing 55-60km.

    Apart from grazing to my knees and elbows, I'm ok. Thank god for protective clothing - got grazes through the leather! My helmet is majorly scratched across the front, so I've obviously face planted. Gloves are roughed up too.

    Anyway, cops came breath tested me and took a statement, but they said it was the other guys fault, so I guess I just wait for insuarance to contact me..? I didn't actually speak to anyone in regards to it, I had to go to hospital for observation.

    So a couple of my mates picked it up for me, saving me a towing fee :p good bastards, so I now have a very sorry looking zx2 in the car port...

    I'll take a few more pics 2moro, but basically the front fairing and lights have disentegrated and disappeared lol, forks have snapped and instrument cluster is smooshed...

    Counting myself so so lucky, could have been so much worse.

    Now to tell Mum the story....Maybe I'll just email her a link to this :)
  2. think you need to report the accident to them
  3. He is correct; how are they going to know you've had an accident if you don't put in a claim?

    First thing in the morning, log on to their web-site and go through the process. Give them a ring and let them know you have. Include every possible detail, and if their on-line form allows, the name/rank/serial number of he Police officer to whom you reported the accident.

    Oh, and, rotten luck; some things can be avoided, but an accident is, by definition, an unplanned event which usually cannot be avoided.
  4. if it was the other guys fault... doesnt his insurance company cover your damage? does it have anything to do with your own company?

    glad your ok :)
  5. The PAF's insurance company WILL cover the damage, but they will have to negotiate with jezz's company to verify details, etc, so he has to make a claim. The PAF's insurance company will also pay the excess, and there should be no impact on his NCB or premium/excess....
  6. Damn - glad you're ok tho. Bikes can be fixed easier than people.

    Need to report it to your insurance company - they'll ask you about the other drivers insurance cover (which you are supposed to get at the scene when you swap details but if you have his name / address they will write to him directly). It's up to your insurer to recover the repair / write off costs from his insurance company.

    Wayne :grin:
  7. i know its kinda been said, but one of the services that your insurance company should give you for taking your money, is to take care of a prang even when its NOT your fault. let them do all the paperwork etc so you can get back on your bike asap

    sorry to hear about the fall, looks like you got out of it okay! lucky!
  8. I know that intersection, it's a bastard. Especially at night. I used to walk through it on the way to work and you could always find bits of plastic and glass brushed to the side of the road. There were also a lot of scrapes and paintwork against the traffic light poles too :eek:. It's a real pain for right hand turns because of the high volume of traffic and a lot of taxis don't know what they are doing. I've seen a lot of close calls there when drivers get frustrated waiting for an opportunity to make a right.

    Glad you're ok though. Call the insurance company, you might need to get the police report yourself as well.
  9. Hit the ground at 55-60km/h? Glad you're ok, you could have seriously hurt yourself. From the sound of it, you got off with a few graze, pretty lucky.

    Be interesting to see what happens to your bike. Recon you've done the frame in?
  10. Ok so what happens if, stupid I know, I didn't have insurance. I made a police report at the scene, they breathtested me, and said it wasn't my fault but thats the last I heard..

    Yeah my knee and shoulder are fcuken caning today lol. Was like being shot out of a cannon along the road :evil:
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  12. :shock: :p :p :shock: Oh thats right you're young and invincible.
    You can now look forward to being stuffed around by the other jerks insurance co. After all he/they were responsible enough to cover their vehicle if the unfortunate did happen (I hope)

    Glad you're relatively ok but you need a good kick in the arse for no insurance. Shit does happen.
  13. :roll: ffs
  14. First, I'm glad to hear you're OK. That first stack is an eye opener. I should know - I'm still shaking my head at my stack a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully I've learned my lesson, but what you've written up there makes me wonder whether you've learned yours.

    Let me see if I have this right:

    1) You were approaching an amber light at a busy intersection. (I ride through that intersection on my commute, so I know it well.)
    2) A car was approaching from the other direction, or already waiting at the light, preparing for a right-hand turn.
    3) You didn't see this car until you were within 10 metres
    4) You were doing 55 - 60 kph

    And you think that you were riding safely?

    I don't want to get all preachy, but if there is a car waiting to turn right or rushing to beat the lights then you should be approaching very cautiously. I almost lost a friend to an accident exactly like the one you've described. She had right of way, but that didn't make 6 months of rehab trying to learn how to walk again any easier.