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So I sold my WR450 Supermot - what next ?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Okay

    after building my first supermoto I realised I really enjoy them so I decided to upgrade

    I have sold my WR this morning and now must ponder life , the universe and which bike to get to start my next supermoto project

    So far my research is pointing to a 1 or 2 year old Husaberg Fe570 with injection and so on

    they are big bore , lightweight and can be had for a good deal for less than the equivalent KTM

    KTM however has many more aftermarket parts but they share many things I am led to believe

    I am thinking of going all black plastics

    No graphics kit

    and a set of gold rims and hubs

    So if any one else would like to add suggestions on bikes andor the pros and cons of each please feel free to make comment

    No one person knows everything - especially not me - hence I am happy to listen too and encourage others to share their experience and knowledge so I can learn from them.

    something like this with gold wheels and no graphics

  2. Less bike trading, more glove making.
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  3. Do you mean fe570 or fs570? I think the fe570 is the enduro so you would need to convert it, the fs570 is the factory motard. If I could get a fs570 I would.
  4. The plan was to grab an FE and make a supermoto kit for it to have as well as the endurao set up

    Anyone know the difference between the fe450 and fe570 besides engine size ?

    what are the charachteristics of each bike
  5. This is looking promising, low kms mazachelli wheels

    2008 model injected 58hp factory with a gutted exhaust and piggy back computer making about 63hp now

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  6. i call BS on that power, if its at the wheel. even at the engine that is pretty inflated. a brand new yz450 makes around 47-48hp at the rear wheel. my crf with head porting, camshaft, airbox, high compression would be lucky to get 54hp at the wheel.

    the husaberg is a better bike, better build quality. the husaberg engine is strong in the bottom end but it really needs either an aftermarket camshaft or/and head porting to make it really go well.

  7. The great advantage that both the 450 and 510 SM models have is the lightweight that characterizes them. At only 260.1 lbs, a piece of machinery that produces approximately 54 HP (450) or even more, 60 HP (510) will put an end to any challenge when the red light turns great. Other motorcycles won***8217;t stand a chance thanks to the impressive power to weight ratio that characterizes the two Husky bikes. Performance numbers weren***8217;t released, but you can make a pretty good idea of how all that performance if being valued by an expert rider on a closed course track.

    link / source



  8. sorry but they don't make that power. expect low 50's at the rear wheel with pipe and remap.

    to get close to 60rwhp out of a 450-530cc single it wont be reliable enough for the road.

    i have a mate with a fully built crf450 (as in a world championship level bike) and it just cracks the 60hp mark. we're talking no change out of $15,000 for the engine alone.

    if you want to wank over dyno figures then get an sxv
  9. thoughts on this bike?

    i sold my vtr250 and really want a supermoto

    was going to get a wr250x but couldnt bring myself to buy another 250

    now im leaning towards a drz400sm but ive heard they are a pig then I came across this crf450x that seems pretty cheap

    will be used for commuting 5x a week unless i get a car, only 20kms each way though. and also for weekend rides in the hills and possibly taking out bush seeing as it has 2 setups

    whats the maintenance like as a sumo and how long is the engine life? would the bike (and me) be hating life as a commuter lol
  10. read up on honda valve problems
  11. Well I had a look at the Husky 510SMR

    I tried to lift the back of it of the ground - managed to lift it 5cm - damn its heavy with the twin factoru exhaust ( and they were already gutted )

    The wheels are Marchesini - they are supposed to be lightweight yadda yadda -- I dont think they were
    My WR I could lift the back of the ground at least a foot high

    so any way I didnt go for the husky

    so still searching for the next supermoto project
  12. tumblr_m5e6exI1FM1r9d7ob.
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  13. why lol i know it not the best bike for the job but that what the fun of it is
  14. Heavy ass bike with no power.
  15. yeah but that is what makes it fun and challenging
  16. dude the only good reason for tarding a DR650 is so you have two sets of wheels
  17. The services are BS anyway, prob why the dude was selling it, intervals are like 2000kms D:
  18. more like 500km if you want it to last haha.
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  19. Now looking at a TE510 instead