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So i rode a couple of bikes yesterday (99 CBR600f & TRX8

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Finally able to upgrade so been out and about in the shops having a look at bikes :) yay. have about 6-8K budget so looking around at alot of options.
    I do prefer the faired bikes but more as a looks sort of thing i think. But am willing to try all bikes just in case 1 jumps out at me.

    CBR600f - The bike i'd been waiting to try! Heard so much good things about the f model that i couldn't wait to get on one. just had to wait for the silly bike shops to keep one in stock long enough for me to ride! :p Jumped on the bike and gave the throttle a few blips to see how she felt. Thought to myself ' Is this too much for me?' Took off down the road following the salesman. Took a little while getting used to the throttle and how it feels compared to my little zzr. but that didn't take long. was a very comfortable ride. Felt that i just sat in the right position from the word go. hands weren't too low. didn't feel like i was falling over the front. no strain on the wrists. just plain nice :cool:
    Cornering on this thing was just awe inspiring. see the corner, move over on the bike and away you go. little lean and little turn. loved it. as the ride went on more i found myself getting into the corners more and more. accelerating out of them nice and smooth. and full of confidence. Then once that started happening i tried to open the throttle up a little going onto the freeway. WOW! definitely need to set yourself up for that. lean in as you wind on. or at least don't try to snap it like you would on the 250! he he. eaased off and tried again easing the throttle over. much better and much more enjoyable. don't think i would use all that power properly for quite some time.
    All in all a fantastic bike and certainly didn't disappoint me. A bike that i could grow into and wouldn't outgrow at all i think. plenty there for everyone. and love the style/look of them for sure.

    TRX850 - This was a bike that was suggested to me by a couple of people. not the least Dirty Trix from here :wink: so i thought why not give it a go before going and checking one out that he also put me onto for a very nice price. ( going tomorrow to have a look) only had a few mins to ride this as was starting to get close to me having to leave for work. but we went on the salesman's fave little run that incorporated lots of nice corners and chicanes :cool: the TRX is a different sort of bike to ride. i mean the thing redlines at 8000rpm! so took a few corners to get used to the throttle again. but because its geared nice and low its very quick and easy to throttle on from anywhere in the rev range. when you roll on the throttle its very easy to see why so many people have been turning to these things. its got a very nice sound (this one was totally stock) and gives you a nice even accelaration thats very predictabe and full of force.
    I expected this bike to feel very square to sit on just by looking at it, but when you get on you feel somewhere in between a trailie and a sports. a nice feel really. very easy to turn in and out of the corners. very easy to try to tip it in more too :) had a more sporty feel to it than what it looked.
    the one i rode had the brake pedal adjusted high for some reason. so it took a while to get used to the brakes on it. they still felt pretty responsive even if a little touchy in the rear. although am putting that down to the lever being set high?

    the only thing i wasn't excited about was the front end looks. i thought would be better naked or with a different fairing on the front. just seemed a little weird to have the nice naked looking bike with such a big looking fairing on the front of it. but in saying that the one i'm looking at on sunday has a different front so will see how i go there :cool:

    So a great morning to have before work! Test riding fun bikes. If it had to come down to picking one or the other. I would go the 600f. mainly because i could see the novelty of the TRX wearing out before it would on the honda. mainly through the styling and different rev range. but for a cheap bike to take to the mountains i think the TRX would certainly eat up alot of bikes on there. and be alot of fun.